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NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER: westchester news article about their lop sided practices in journalism, Michael Edelman, “Mr. Point Counter Point”  is a total joke.  Does he really think people listen to his rhetoric on News 12, huh? Westchester County voters got your number Mr. Edelman, you’re all smoke and mirrors.

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Westchester Politicians are under a microscope

Ex-Senator Nick Spano is better known as “Don Nick” aka. “The Godfather of Westchester”  He pulls the strings with all his political cronies from New York City to Albany.  He is the king of conspiracy and the root of all the corruption in Westchester County Politics, he’s the man who calls the shots.  After, Nick Spano was questioned by the FBI he hire Richard Levitt a high profiled attorney in New York City for his expertise in political corruption and negotiation strategy because he knows he’s in trouble, said a close source.  Read More 

Watch New Years Eve 2011 in New York City “Repeats” on the Times Square web-page!

Strait Gate Church in mamaroneck, New York supports this monster, and they are using all their political power to keep him from getting charged with murder, but, all the evidence is pointing straight to him.  Reginald Powell was found in Harlem with Jennifer Katz’s car and jewels and two bags of heroin, but he’s not being charged with murder, give me a break, said a source.  Janet Difiore, the Westchester County District Attorney  better start doing her job that the people hired her to do, and put this animal where he belongs back behind bars for the rest of his life and this time throw away the key, said a close source.

Jennifer Katz was murdered in her home by this monster Reginald Powell, but his family is using their political power to cover up that he murdered her, said a source. 

This man is a “Paroled Killer” Reginald Powell

Bishop Powell, the Powell family and his church congregation of Strait Gate Church in Mamaroneck will make no comment regarding this unfortunate occurrence.  Bishop Powell and his congregation, are the ones who got this waste of life killer out of jail on parole, and now Jennifer Katz, 49, a mother of two is dead.

A Monster Killed a Mother of Two in Mamaroneck

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International Brotherhood Of Teamsters Explosive Video, and Louis Picani, Business Agent for Teamsters Local 456 yells out to the crowd of men “You Give them a raise!”  When Barbara Ricci says “When a man talks like that in a room full of woman... Louie Picani yells, You give him a raise.”

(the guy was cursing and saying sexual remarks)   

The Yonkers DPW employee, a Teamster for 9 years “Victor Economico” who says he’ll take the heat, took the heat, his job was terminated.

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The Westchester News

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Watch the smirch on John Murtagh’s face, when I am asking Edmund Hartnett, the Yonkers Police Commissioner questions, watch John Murtagh’s face closely, his facial expression says it all, Murtagh is a “Politician” and a  Yonkers City Councilman representing Crestwood.

Westchester County Politicians and Public Officials have a problem with News Reporters they can’t dictate to!  They can’t control National Press Reporter Barbara Ricci, so they do everything in their power to ridicule her, but, she doesn’t get intimidated by them, she stays focussed and continues to do her job and bring the truth to the people.

Frank Rubino joins a law firm Harris Beach against Irma Marquez who was beaten and thrown to the floor by a Yonkers cop Wayne Simoes.

Cop Cleared 

Wayne Simoes was acquitted

Yonkers Law Officials Make Their Own Laws

Yonkers Corporation Council Frank Rubino

Harris Beach Attorney Bio Frank Rubino

Here is Harris Beach’s court filing:

Harris Beach takes over body slam brutality suit

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The next video on the lower right is a real eye opener into the arrogance of  these Politicians

About Frank Rubino’s Ethics

The Westchester News Tells the truth about Yonkers “We Protect Our Sources”

Watch carefully the Part when Mayor Phil Amicone is talking at a Press Conference, watch the man standing on the right side of Amicone, he’s grinning and laughing at a serious question that News Reporter Barbara Ricci asks the Mayor.  This man who is laughing is an attorney for the Yonkers Corporation Council.  

Yonkers board members names directory appointed by the Mayor Phil Amicone:

The Westchester News Reports

The Spano Bros.

Dr. Robert Flower

the Master Mind of our Potential

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