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Did you watch "The Craigslist Killer"?  There were a lot of puzzle pieces missing from this story, and it was plain to see that Philip Markoff had a serious gambling problem, and he was after one thing, "Money," it was not about the sex.  He went after call girls,  he figured they wouldn't call the police because they were breaking the law themselves and it was a cash business.  He also had a dark childhood that we didn't get to absorb his experience, he had a very dark side and it needed to be exposed.  He had a perverted mind and he was intrigued with erotic sex, but, that wasn't his reason for doing what he did.  He was a degenerate gambler, alcoholic, and the motive was, MONEY!  Comment

December 17, 2010: Yonkers Chase Bank on Central Park Avenue, was robbed at 6 PM, by three masked gunmen, no one was hurt, and the men got away with $410,000.

There is a reward for Yonkers Bank Robbers

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Mount Vernon, New York

There is a dark cloud hovering over Mount Vernon, New York.  There is a world wind of trouble blowing through this four square miles of wickedness.  Mayor Clinton Young must demand that the Mount Vernon Police Department and his Government make serious changes to truly "Change" their ways and corrupt practices in the courtrooms against the struggling citizens who live and pass through this city called Mount Vernon, said a close source.  "If not, In God We Trust."   Read More

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Arsonist gets 20 years for the death of Firefighter

Yonkers Firefighter Patrick Joyce was killed on October 2, 2009, when Rafael Roldan, 34, set the house on fire that killed Joyce and injured two other Firefighters.  Roldan pleaded guilty in Westchester County Court to second degree murder and two counts of first degree assault.  He will be sentence to 20 years in prison without a chance to appeal.  He pleaded guilty without a trial because he didn't want to put the family through anymore heartache, and he is sorry for what he did and didn't mean to hurt or kill anybody, said a source.

Patrick Joyce Fund

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