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THE WESTCHESTER NEWS will inform you about the important issues, like, if and when, News 12 will not tell you the truth, we will be there to make sure the whole story is told (Call 914 237-8631) if you want your story to be told.  Michael Edelman, Ken Jenkins, Janine Rose and the scholar Lawrence Otis Graham are all in denial about the political truth, but, on The Westchester News we give you the truth on a silver platter, and our sources and readers agree that “Pirro’s Corrupt Reign Is Over.”  

News 12 Westchester, Jeanine Rose and Michael Edelman “Mr. Point Counter Point” have been covering up Jeanine Pirro’s political corruption for years.   

It’s over guys, the party’s over, FORGET ABOUT IT!  All of you should stick a fork in each other,  Michael Edelman, Janine Rose, and their crony Jeanine Pirro, the three Musketeers the word is D-O-N-E.  People are talking,  a close source said, a lot more secrets are coming to the surface.  

News 12 Westchester is the reason I started The Westchester News.Com, what you don’t see on News 12, you’ll see here on THE WESTCHESTER NEWS.

The Westchester News has these two slogans  If, you can’t handle the truth stay out, it’s free, and “Online All The Time.”

The difference between “The Westchester News” and “News 12 Westchester”  is The Westchester News investigates a story and tells the people the truth, and “News 12 Westchester” covers up the truth because they’re dictated to by all the corrupt Westchester politicians.

THE WESTCHESTER NEWS was created and established on July 25, 2006, but we are growing day by day, we get thousands of hits a day, and we’re thinking about developing a TV studio with a weekly talk show and with  a lot of hardwork we will get there one day at a time. 

THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE, don’t vote because a corrupt politician shakes your hand or buys you a free spaghetti dinner or takes a picture with you, don’t be fooled, vote for more than that, vote for heat and hot water, GAS, AND A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT, vote for your lives and your future and your children’s future.

Don’t sell your soul to the devil for a plate of spaghetti.  A corrupt politician will destroy New York State and pollute the minds of weak minded people, don’t let this happen.  Read The Westchester News.Com../../../../THE_WESTCHESTER_NEWS_National_Press_New_York_Local.html../../../../THE_WESTCHESTER_NEWS_National_Press_New_York_Local.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

News 12 Westchester, is just as corrupt as Jeanine Pirro, and if, Jeanine Pirro was rushed to the hospital for colon surgery, they'd have to rush all your NOSES with her.”  I know that sounds funny, but it’s a serious position to be in as journalist. 

NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER:   Shame On You!

On the air, you report news to the Westchester Community by the dictation from corrupt politicians.

Now that is, as lopsided as a story can get,  that’s what you’re about lopsided JOURNALISM, isn’t it?

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Mount Vernon resident Peter Lawrence Herman, 55, charged with beating his 87-year-old mother to death.  They lived together on East Lincoln Avenue. He’s being held without bail for murder in the Mount Vernon jail.

Mount Vernon Dogs Stolen from shelter found in Yonkers, an arrest was made, but, a couple of pit bulls are still missing, the beagle was found.

Mount Vernon Police killed a dog on fourth street, after a pack of dogs attacked a man as he was walking down the street at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

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Westchester County Politicians and Public Officials have a problem with News Reporters they can’t dictate to!  They can’t control National Press Reporter Barbara Ricci, so they do everything in their power to ridicule her, but, she doesn’t get intimidated by them, she stays focussed and continues to do her job and bring the truth to the people. 

The Westchester News Tells the truth about Yonkers “We Protect Our Sources”

Watch carefully the Part when Mayor Phil Amicone is talking at a Press Conferrence, watch the man on the right side of him, grining and laughing, he’s an attorney for the Yonkers Corporation Council Read More.

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