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Beware Of Yonkers Animal Speciality Centers

In Memory Of Princess Tiffany

                          In Memory Of Princess Tiffany
My Beloved Princess Tiffany Machado born on August 25, 1995. 
She had a happy puppy hood, growing up in New York City. 
She was my constant companion, never more than a few feet away. 
She loved to ride in the car, loved to play in the park
 Especially Central Park - chasing squirrels, 
 She loved to play in the snow and loved humans more than her own race. 
She loved life. She loved me.

On March 17, 2008, I took my beloved Princess Tiffany "companion" 
to a Veterinarian, at the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers, New York
Yonkers to follow up on previous acupuncture treatment and general examination.  
Little did I know,  suspect or would ever have guessed the chain of 
events that would get put into motion that day.  
To watch my 'companion' die a horrific and needless death was only the beginning.
Since Princess Tiffany's death on March 23, 2008, I have a “deep hole inside my heart”, 
because she was a victim of a “wrongful death”, a victim of “Veterinarian Malpractice” by 
Veterinarians that to this date refuse to explain the course of treatment and 
reasons that led to her death after 7 days that she was admitted to that Hospital. 
After her death, I have spoke with hundreds of other dog owners whose 
dogs have suffered the same tragedy at the same place by the same Veterinarian 
 “a tragic loss of their companion.”
                                                   Marcia Machado
New York National Animal Abuse
Investigator Reporter Barbara Ricci

When you bring your loving pet to a  
“Speciality Veterinarian” 
do you ever stop to think,  that there can be 
a serious side affect from medication 
the Veterinarian will give them?   

Do you ever think when you go 
to a local pet store to buy your pet a snack,  
that an ingredient in that pet snack could possibly  
kill your pet in a matter of days?
Did you know that, if, this ever happens 
to your pet,  no one, will be held accountable.

Princess Tiffany died at the hands of a heartless “Specialty” Veterinarian
We want a law passed that will protect our pets from a wrongful death, and protect pet owners from this type of pain and suffering that comes from carelessness and medical malpractice.  What happened to “Princess Tiffany” at this ‘Specialty” Veterinarian Hospital? What is really going on inside some of these “Specialty” hospitals, are they using our pets for experiments?  These are the questions that we need to get answered.   
Stop Killing Our Pets For Profit! 
Pet owners must stop being so trusting with these State Of the Art “Speciality” 
Veterinarians, Clinics and Hospitals.  They pretend to be specialist in holistic 
and internal medicine.  It sounds like they are more like an experimental research laboratory using your sick pets as guinea pigs, and a few days later they’re handing you back your precious “Pet” dead,  and,  a $6000.00 dollar bill on top of all your grief.  

Stop Trusting the white suit and the degree on the wall! 
Start questioning these professionals about what kind of treatment your pet getting.  Start questioning them, step by step, “What are you giving to my pet? What kind of medication are you giving to my pet, and what are the serious side affects? Could this medicine kill my pet or how many pets have died in this place in the last 4 months?” Start asking tough questions, before you end up like Marcia, who had to bury her precious Princess Tiffany at Hartsdale Animal Cemetery.  Marcia’s pain, suffering and grief is equal to someone  losing a child.   The treatment your pet receives can be a matter of life and death, there is no cure for a fatal side affect, and Hydromorphone has deadly side affects that kill!

Stop Giving Our Pets Hydromorphone!
           Hydromorphone, side affects are swelling of the brain, and water in the lungs.

“Speciality” Veterinarians
in Yonkers is where numerous cats and dogs 
have died since they opened,  It seems they   
are experimenting on these cats and dogs.

After they gave Princess Tiffany a shot
of Hydromorphone, and her lungs filled 
with fluid, and she was dead seven days 
later, and then, they gave the pet owner 
a $6000.00 dollar bill, and when she asked 
for her Princess Tiffany’s medical 
records they called the Yonkers
Police and threatened to have her 
arrested.  This is only one of many
stories that will be part of the 
national Animal Abuse documentary.

This place has some heavy hitters as investors. 
                                                                                                      The Westchester News
The important question is this, are they using your sick pet for 
medical research or experimental drug testing for cancer research?   

This documentary is powerful because it’s about New York National Animal Abuse. 
This is about getting County Legislators to 
pass a “Princess Tiffany Law” to protect our loving pets 
from a wrongful death, and if a wrongful death occurs, then, 
we must be able to hold the “Person or Persons” responsible and 
make them accountable for the death of our child pets.

 Barbara Ricci, Investigator Reporter
914 237-8631
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