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The Wizard Of OZ

The Yonkers Waterfront in the Ghetto

This project was not developed for the people of Yonkers, we cannot afford to pay our taxes, and we certainly cannot afford to have lunch at Xaviars for $35.00 per person


This downtown Yonkers Waterfront was developed for rich people coming up from Manhattan for an afternoon delight, an expensive dock & dine, and at the expense of the working class taxpayer.  The rest of Yonkers is falling apart, streets have sink holes the size of craters, and neighborhood sidewalks are crumbling, city buildings are falling apart,  and all the city streets are unsafe.  North, East, West and South Yonkers, and, Yonkers elementary schools have cockroaches, and dirty bathrooms, filthy classrooms, and teens are killing each other on the city streets, no one cares about the gangs, the crime, the burnt out communities, the litter, the graffiti, the condemned corporate buildings, all the businesses closing their doors, and all this I mentioned and there’s much more, this is the real Yonkers, not the land of OZ that Phil Amicone created in Downtown Yonkers, and the funny thing is that the person who cares the least about all these problems is the Mayor, Phil Amicone.  Phil Amicone, this is your Yonkers, everything I mentioned above, not your land of OZ.

Mayor Ghetto Pothole!


YONKERS WATERFRONT: The City Of Yonkers Business Deals
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YONKERS WATERFRONT: The City Of Yonkers Business Deals