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Donald J. Trump - Mike R. Pence

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Illegal Immigration

The President and Vice President of The United States

"They're Working hard to destroy all the Politicial Corruption in New York and around the Country."

Democrats, Immigrants, Tell your family, Tell Your Illegal Friends "THE TRUTH".

To all illegal immigrants, answer this for yourselves, if you can read English, if, I leave my door open, it doesn't give you the right to come into my house when nobody is looking because it's a criminal act!

That is the same-thing as crossing our American borders. Being an illegal immigrant is a criminal act and you should all pack your bags and leave the same-way you came into America. Oh yeah, the answer is No we don't need you here in America because your illegal-criminals. We have plenty of legal immigrants waiting patiently to come to America the right way the legal way. Do you know, that Americans are done with illegal immigrants taking our jobs and living free off welfare, medicare, and food stamps, having anchor babies, working off the books and collecting welfare, using fake names, fake social security numbers, one for working, one for collecting welfare, using each others children at the social services to get more money, crowding our schools and turning our neighborhoods into 3rd world countries, litter and filth. Illegal Immigrants, yes you, you demand too much attention. The welfare system, is illegal immigrants Empire, and it's managed by immigrants, minorities, and democrats. Shut it down, and give our seniors more money in their medicare and put more cash in Americans pockets, America First!

Americans have lost their lives because of all the illegal-criminals, many of you bring drugs into America, abuse American people, you don't speak English, you come in from the underground with a handbook, HOW TO WORK THE AMERICAN SYSTEM, and here is a heads up illegals, your criminals! You, yes you, you will be found and deported.

The Democrat Party will be no more in 4 years because they sold their souls to the devil.

All you little anchor babies that are out there protesting and rioting, no worries because you are going to lead ICE straight to your undocumented family because of your violent behavior. God is my witness!

Christians God's Promise To Us Remains

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

The Muslim "3rd World" President Barack Obama is Out!

Obama should be impeached for allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the United States and for causing all the terrorist attacks on USA soil. He should be impeached for disgregarding the needs of Americans and supporting the needs of illegal immigrants with Public Assistance. While, Veterans and Americans go homeless and jobless. Barack Obama should be impeached!!!

This is a war between Good and Evil.

Our Prayers Were Answered On Election Day 2016

The Christian "American" President Donald J. Trump is In!

A US federal appeals court early Sunday rejected a request by the Department of Justice to immediately reinstate President Donald Trump's travel ban barring citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries and temporarily banning refugees.

President Trump said, What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into U.S.?

@realDonaldTrump President Trump please call for Martial Law to Protect the American people before these terrorist get loose! Put them on a deserted Island in Alaska!!! TWITTER: Americans ARE Supporting President Donald J. Trump


This is the future of America!!!




Close the doors to Islam Refugees!!!


We have homeless Americans on the streets of New York, living in roach infested shelters with their children, homeless veterans, etc. How about helping them before bringing Refugees to the land of opportunity. Listen to this Rabbi Jonathan Blake of Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale talks about local plans to resettle 50 Syrian refugees in Westchester. Those plans are now on hold after President Trump's executive order banning refugees from Syria. President's immigration order puts a stop on resettlement of 50 refugees in Westchester County, 80 in Dutchess County. Read More LOHUD THE JOURNAL NEWS 

Stop Election Fraud

Every American should be finger printed on a photo ID and they must use there finger print and photo to vote in America!! That is how we will protect our democracy in America from Illegal Immigrants voting and trying to take over our country and destroying our Constitutional laws. It will keep corrupt politicians out of office too!

The Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo will only represent "Democrats and their Ways of Life" in New York State, he said, " As a New Yorker, I am a Muslim. I am a Jew. I am Black. I am gay. I am a woman seeking to control her body. We are one New York." That is certainly a very small population he is representing, I hope he realizes that. He is also responsible for the flood of millions of illegal immigrants that have been supporting themselves on welfare and taking from hard working Americans who are struggling to pay bills to survive.


Muslim Immigrants get free Lawyers to represent them, but, Americans fighting discrimation and foreclosure, get no one to represent them, NOTHING FREE FOR AMERICANS. Many illegal immigrants have bought ID's on the black market, visa's, driver licenses, fake college degrees, these illegals immigrants are driving school buses in Westchester County, Bronx and New York City. They bought their licenses on the black market for $50.00, and it was reported to the FBI about the DMV workers selling driving licenses. Americans do everything by the book, but, illegal immigrants know how to work the system before they step foot into America. They go straight to the black market, and, the sad thing about it, is they get away with it. The welfare office is mostly run by immigrants and minorities, and they give illegal immigrants "everything free" with no questions asked. They completely turn down white Americans who are unemployed and need help from Public Assistance.

Welcome To The Westchester News Report

Americans should come first, not illegal immigrants immigrants.

Americans, New Yorkers Take A Look

Bill de Blasio tells the "Press" that New York City has "900 Muslim members of the NYPD" Bill de Blasio, couldn't care less for the American peoples safety, it's Treason.

Who the hell is Bill De Blasio? He says NYC will sue if the Trump Administration tries to make Muslims register in a database. Mayor Bill De Blassio, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senator Chuck Schumer, etc., all of them are suppose to protect American's, not the other way around. They are putting freeloading Greencard immigrants first in New York State. It's Treason.

These corrupt New York Politicians are committing Treason against the American people. This country belongs to the American people, not the immigrants with Visa Greencards and illegals, Muslims, etc.

The Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio and the Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo, and any other state official or Democrat Politician, that thinks they are going to get away with Treason are heading for indictments in the near future. It's time to resign or be indicted for "Treason" against the American people.

The Board of Elections has been fixing elections for many many years. They fixed the Presidential Election and "once again" it's the reason Hillary Clinton won her senate seat in New York. They fix Elections in New York so easy, these New York Politicians as many of us New Yorkers call them, "Musical Chair Politicians" run unopposed, they corrupted the entire New York System.

Educated Black and White Americans voted for Donald Trump throughout the entire state of New York.

New York State Board of Elections should be raided by the FEDS and put under a microscope and investigated that every vote be accounted for because what these politicians do is an "Obstruction of Justice" that is the reason why, Bill De Blassio, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and all the other corrupt New York Politicians are still in Public Office.

Did you notice that Bill De Blassio only had a handful of immigrants and muslims standing behind him at his press conference? Just a handful of Greencard immigrants. ICE will soon take care of this overwhelming wave of immigrants in New York and hiding behind the surrogate cities across America. All these disruptive troubled students marching through the streets are illegal immigrants protesting in New York City. chanting "NOT MY PRESIDENT," they're all anchor babies, they're illegals. And, they're right, President Trump is not their President, he is the President to the American people, not illegal immigrants.

All these illegals must go back to their 3rd World countries and be governed by the President of their country. President Trump is America's President, not yours. After all, Greencard immigrants have over stayed their work Visa's. Legal Greencards are on a list waiting to come to visit America, legally.

All these illegals are freeloading in America, taking our jobs, paying no taxes, sending all the money they make back to their countries. They are costing a fortune while our infrastructure is collapsing. I'll say that again, illegals take all the money they make in America and send it back to their countries. They break all the rules, housing rules, and, illegals rent a room and take shifts sleeping in that room, that's what illegals facade looks like. Illegals have all the jobs, working off the books. They have illegal ID's, Licenses they buy on the black market, especially bus drivers and drivers licenses, every ID they have is fake. It was reported to the FBI, but, nothing has been done about it, said a close source. The immigrants that work on the books and pay taxes, they only have to claim half their income, all while, they're collecting welfare checks with food stamps, SNAP, rent, cash, medicaid. Is this fair to Americans?

Americans, our Veterans are sleeping in the streets of New York City and nothing has been done for them, nothing.

New Yorkers hate these corrupt politicians with a passion, they're criminals, they have corrupted our entire Judicial System and Political System. These Politicians hurt so many American New Yorkers, 18 MILLION AMERICANS lost their homes to Foreclosure, 13 MILLION are unemployed, none of these "Criminal Politicians" helped these Americans. No Action was taken to help Americans who lost their jobs and their homes.

America First

Americans Vs. Muslims

Did you know that Americans Notice Something Interesting about Muslims

Where were all these protesting muslims who are against our President's executive order; when Muslims came into our country and killed innocent Americans. Where were these Muslims when their people where bombing innocent Americans in their country, killing Christians and cutting off the heads of Americans? Where were all these Muslims then? Americans do not know how all these Muslims got into America? Americans don't want them here. They killed our fellow Americans. Illegal immigrants have got to go, they don't belong here, they're illegal, they're criminals, and they will be deported, said a close source. It's only a matter of time before all illegals are deported, said a source. Here is something to reason with, all the Americans that lost their lives at the hateful hands of dangerous Muslim terrorist, for this reason there is a ban on Muslims and illegal immigrants entering America.

Americans, Veterans and their families don't want illegal immigrants or Muslims here. This is our country, not yours. You do what you want in your country and we do what we want in our country. You come to our country and disrespect our President in the streets, no, we can't allow immigrants to do that! When they can't open their mouths in their own countries, in there countries woman have no rights, please, these people are out of control, a close source said.

Where was all these Democrat Leaders and Hollywood big mouths, when Muslims and Illegal Immigrants were burning our American flag in the streets, pissing on pictures of Jesus Christ, and killing innocent Americans? Democrats are anti-American and Anti-Christ, just extremely dysfunctional people with radial ways of life, said a close source.

Chuck Schumer the Democrat Senator has been in office since 1998 in New York, voter fraud should be investigated starting in New York State. The Jewish people are outraged that Chuck Schumer is a Jewish man, was on the Local News crying tears for these Muslim immigrants. He's standing with the Muslims against the President of the United States Donald Trump, who is doing everything he possibly can to protect all Americans. President Trump is doing what he is supposed to do, he's protecting the American people from Islamic Extremist Terrorist entering our country posing as Refugees.

Chuck Schumer has never shed a tear for an American Soldier, an innocent Jewish person who was killed, nor any Americans or Christians, all have been torchered, their heads cut off, and killed by Muslims and Illegal immigrants who have killed innocent Americans.

Muslims are members of the Islamic State that claim they will takeover the world and kill anyone who is not a member of Islam. Chuck Schumer should be a candidate for investigation for being a spy and an informant to the Islamic State.

The Democrats are going to cause a civil war in this country, World War III, if they don't step back and respect the President's Order.

The tears Chuck Schumer shed for the Muslims is a bit much, he is supposed to be representing Americans, but, he's not. It's time for him to resign from his position as an American Senator. It's treason, what he is doing, said a close source.

Chuck Schumer and any politician that stands against the Presidents order will find themselves without a job when the Federal Officials are ordered to take over New York State or any other state that goes against protecting the American people. The President's order is to Protect the American people from Islamic Extremist Terrorist, said a close source.

The Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State has no interest in protecting the American people, he's too busy selling the American people out and putting their homes into foreclosures. He's selling Americans homes to Immigrants. All the foreclosures in Yonkers are being bought by Muslims. He has been busy putting Americans on the streets homeless. He can't afford any more homeless Americans and refugees are homeless too in New York State, there is no housing for them. There are too many New Yorkers and Veterans living homeless on the streets because they don't want to live in roach infested shelters. We saw Refugees with children on Central Aveune in Yonkers holding signs asking for money, said a source. It's getting bad down here in Yonkers. Andrew Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, look the other way when it comes to homeless Americans living on the streets. They do nothing to help anyone. It has to be that somebody from the Islamic State is greasing these Democrats palms, Chuck Schumer with the tears, please, somebody give this man an Oscar, said a source.

The Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo also voiced disapproval of President Trump's executive order. "I never thought I'd see the day when refugees, who have fled war-torn countries in search of a better life, would be turned away at our doorstep," Cuomo said. "We are a nation of bridges, not walls, and a great many of us still believe in the words 'give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses."

Cuomo said he's directed the Port Authority, the Department of State, and my Counsel's Office to jointly explore all legal options to assist anyone detained at New York airports, and ensure that their rights are protected.

"America is a nation of laws and those laws provide rights that must be respected and followed regardless of political ideology," Cuomo said. Not once did Cuomo have any remorse for any Americans that lost family that lost their lives at the hands of Muslims and illegal immigrants. He's a politician, so you have to look under the table to see what motivates him to disregard Americans and President Trumps order, said a close source.

New Yorkers Beware


Destruction of IDNYC Records is Obstruction of Justice
Cuomo's Directive Opening Door to Money Laundering, Fraud

New York, NY--January 27th...Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio's political maneuvers to destroy records used to obtain New York City identification cards are putting national security at risk and opening the door to money laundering and fraud today charged New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox.

Chairman Cox voiced support for the IDNYC lawsuit brought by Assemblyman Ron Castorina, Jr. and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis preventing Mayor de Blasio and his Administration from destroying background data essential to maintaining the integrity of New York City's municipal identification program. The state lawmakers challenged the program after Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo issued an opinion encouraging New York State chartered banks to accept the IDNYC card as primary identification to obtain financial services.

After President Trump's election in November, city leaders including, Mayor de Blasio and City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, proclaimed their intentions to defy federal law and destroy supporting documentation for nearly 1,000,000 identification cards issued through the IDNYC program relying on suspect language contained in the statute.

The City ignored all requests from the lawmakers to reach a compromise solution and, instead, Speaker Mark-Viverito challenged the GOP to sue to protect the safety of New Yorkers. Assembly Member Castorina says, "The City of New York left Nicole and I with no other choice but to seek court intervention."

Chairman Ed Cox said, "Once again Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are playing politics, but this time it's at the expense of our national security. We learned tough lessons from 9/11 and one of them is that those seeking to do us harm used our system against us. Whether it's destroying background records or allowing our banks to accept dubious, unvetted identification, it's unfathomable why the Governor and Mayor wouldn't exercise the utmost vigilance in protecting our national security. This is also just another sad example of their attempts to use the President as a political foil to garner national attention."

"This identification program has security flaws to begin with," said Assemblyman Castorina. "But now Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are taking it to another level by attempting to erase any trace of these individuals in the system and opening up our banking system to potential criminal activity. Common sense has been thrown out the window in favor of political pandering."

Assembly Member Malliotakis echoed these sentiments saying, "After multiple hearings on the matter, we believe the facts are clear. The IDNYC plan to destroy records is misguided, and risks stifling the ability of our law enforcement personnel to do their jobs."

Justice Minardo directed the parties to file their final submissions in the IDNYC litigation on February 1, 2017. A decision is expected shortly after the final submission.

This is Treason

Cuomo Takes Action for Immigrants

Cuomo says he's setting up a legal defense fund for immigrants. "We will be putting together a public-private legal defense fund to provide immigrants who can't afford their own defense." Isn't that nice, we have 18 MILLION AMERICANS that lost their homes to Foreclosure but their was NO DEFENSE FUND and still is NO DEFENSE FUND for us AMERICANS. DAILY NEWS Read The Article

Bill de Blasio tells the "Press" that New York City has "900 Muslim members of the NYPD" Bill de Blasio, couldn't care less for the American peoples safety, it's Treason. LINKEDIN Read The Article


The White House Meeting

The so called "Experts" got it wrong, they read the Body Language all wrong for President Trump, the reason Donald Trump felt small was not because President Obama was more Presidential, no, no, it was because "the stage was set to make Donald trump feel small and uncomfortable" in his chair. The chair he was sitting in "opposite" Barack Obama was much smaller than President Obama's chair. Donald Trump is a big man, it's important that his staff make sure that the chairs he sits in at any event is for a big and tall man. The truth is Barack Obama should have sat in the smaller chair and Donald Trump should have sat in the larger chair. I want you to take notice of what I just said, the Experts should have pointed the size of the chairs out. How small the chair was that Donald Trump was sitting in, and they should have pointed out that flaw in the White House Meeting. I am sure main stream media saw that, but, as you notice they didn't point it out. They just said, Donald Trump looked small and nervous next to Barack Obama. The Main Stream News Media can not be trusted they do not say the truth.

The Westchester News

Our News Team is made up of a mixture of people, cultures, we are Americans!!!

We are proud Americans! We are proud Christians and so on, I am peronally proud to say it publicly that I am a Christian and my closeness to God is no secret to anyone. We serve a living God! When I say Thank You Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior. I say it so the world knows it for a fact that, Jesus Christ, the living God delivered His people in America and around the world! During this Presidential Election. Amen. The Westchester News was the only news media that endorsed Donald Trump from the beginning!!! And, we worked hard to get the truth out, while, main stream media, worked hard to discredit Donald Trumps character. We at The Westchester News couldn't be happier that Donald J. Trump won this election.

"My People Shall Be The Head, Not The Tail."

Congratulations To Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence

America First.

President of The United States of America

Donald J. Trump

Vice President of The United States of America

Mike Pence

America! God Has Blessed America and Answered Our Prayers.

"America When Donald Trump Wins We All Win." 

Deuteronomy 28:13

"The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom."

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Teamsters Local 456 Rally For What?

The FBI Director Jim Comey is unfit for public office he should resign, he has used his power to coverup Hillary Clinton's "Crimes of Treason" against the American people. "I will not vote For Hillary Clinton, she's a liar and a criminal, said a union member."

Teamsters Union, IBT, and Teamsters Local 456 members do not agree with the union leaderships choice "Hillary Clinton" for President of the United States of America. The Democrat Administration in Westchester County and throughout New York State, have done nothing for Labor Unions, Union Workers or working class families.

Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, these two "Democrats" are both under a corruption probe, the investigation is not over, investigators are working overtime. Let's not forget "The Clinton Foundation" they took lots of money fron Saudi Arabia who supports terrorist around the world. They're both criminals! In time they will both be indicted, and, they will both go to prison for a very longtime. Don't be fooled by their facade.

Teamsters Local 456 membership has diminished to nothing; building contractors are not signing contracts with the union because of this reason, non-union jobs that Eddie Doyle let come into Westchester from New Jersey through the years. Jersey, is where his brother Bernie Doyle lives and that could explain how New Jersey Contractors ended up in Westchester County, New York. Non-Union Contractors are bidding on jobs much lower than union companies. When companies get rid of union it eliminates a lot of problems from the equation, said a source.

Companies complain about how bad the newbie drivers are when the union hall sends them to job sites, they have no experience and have wreaked their trucks and these drivers don't have a clue what they are doing on jobsites, and, the union doesn't really give a damn, said a close source.

The old-timers have experience 10 wheelers and 18 wheelers. The difference between union and non-union drivers is contractors prefer hiring their own drivers like Local 282 does. Contractors love working with Local 282 because they have experienced drivers.

The problem is the lack of work at Local 456 and the reality that all the old-timers left Local 456. They left because they had to stand by and watch Eddie Doyle Sr. blackball members. It made the men sick to watch what he did. All the membership lost respect for Local 456 leadership and that's why they left the union. When Local 456 lost their "Membership Base" they also lost the "Membership Dues" too, to pay the bills.

The Teamster Members say "No Thanks" to the union leaderships choice of candidates. We'll choose the best man for the job of "President" and we'll decide who we think is the best for America. Our choice for President is, Donald J. Trump, said a member.

The American membership of the Teamsters Union IBT across this country are voting for Donald J. Trump.

The American people had enough of these organizations dictating to them who to vote for, they pay their dues, and they do there job and will vote for their own choice on Election Day. Besides Local 456 has very few union members and construction contracts signed on at Local 456 and with dues being raised to $72.00 a month, it's not a good sign for this union, said a member.

The only time you see these corrupt politicians at Teamsters Local 456 or any other union hall, is when they're running for office. They come to the union to show face, meanwhile, none of them do anything to help the working class. Politicians do absolutely nothing for Labor Unions.

The City of Yonkers, Mayor Mike Spano and his brother Nick Spano hires all New Jersey non-union companies to build downtown Yonkers at The Waterfront. They've been building on Executive Blvd around or near News 12 Westchester. I did a news documentary about non-union jobs at Executive Blvd in Yonkers, New York.WATCH THE VIDEO Westchester County Non Union Jobs

The Yonkers DPW workers that you see at the union hall meetings, cheering, clapping, and whistling, is about 50-100 guys tops, they're really not Teamsters, they don't get as much in their city contract as real Teamster Members get, the union just negotiates their contracts.

What I'm trying to say is this, these Yonkers DPW workers should have union contracts, better Benefits and Pensions and more to offer their families, but, they don't. At the Teamsters Union hall you'll see a handful of diehard leftover Eddie Doyle cronies, hanging around the union meetings like this rally they had for Hillary Clinton, as News 12 Westchester Reported they're a couple of dozen people who attended the rally and that included the Democratic politicians that were there too.

These Democratic politicians are all "smoke and mirrors" because they do nothing for the working class Americans.

When Election Day rolls around every year, politicians call on the union to use Yonkers City Workers to Rally, put up signs and take them down during Election time. They do it because they are afraid of losing their jobs and being blackballed. The city workers that use to do it have diminished in size, they are fed-up with being used by corrupt politicians.

New York looks like a 3rd world country, is this the America you want for your children to growup in? The Democrats did this to America, and the union wants us to vote for them? No Thanks.

Did you know that illegal immigrants and immigrants, laborers and contruction workers, all of them, get help from our Democratic government with no questions asked?

Did you know that immigrants only have to claim half their income? So they can keep their Social Services Benefits while they are working. I'm asking you, did you know that? No, you didn't! This is what the Democrats did for immigrants, and they did nothing for us Americans.

Our Veterans are sleeping on the streets. Americans living on $425 a week on unemployment are refused at the door at Social Services. Americans are told they make too much money on unemployment to get food stamps, etc. but not the immigrants they get it all because they only have to claim half of their income.

Did you know that, all the new low income housing is full of immigrants, not Americans, immigrants get everything for free.

Meanwhile, Americans are sleeping on the streets. All these low income housing that are being built are being built by non-union contractors from New Jersey!!!

All these politicians that visit Local 456, year after year, are all corrupt, Democrats. They take the money under the table and they do nothing for the working class Americans.

Teamsters Local 456 has raised the dues to $72.00, and most members aren't working full-time. But, they still have to pay their union dues even if their on unemployment.

The union doesn't even suspend the union dues for $72.00, when your unemployed.

New York State Tax Department "taxes" your unemployment check for $425.00, it's disgraceful.

The State doesn't forgive you if you have to take your annuity early for a grievance or hardship, they tax you regardless, $10,000 and even more. If you don't pay that State Tax, they do all kinds of rotten things to you, they suspend your drivers License, your wife's drivers license and take the star program off your house so you have to pay more taxes that you can't afford. Did you know that? Well now you do.

If you have a "Commericial Drivers License" they can't take your license, but, they can suspend your wife's license, but, she can get a restricted license for $80.00. Teamsters go through a hardship, and the union does nothing to help them. But, they want you to vote for these greedy, selfish, corrupt politicians!!! When a Teamster and his family goes through a terrible hardship, Gov. Andrew Cuomo puts them through even more hardship by prolonging their financial distress.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not a nice guy and he doesn't give a crap about you or your struggles, labor or working class Americans or working class families.

What has all these Democrats done for you, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Lesnick, Nita Lowey, Andrea Stewart Cousins, Ken Jenkins, Noam Bramson, and Eliot Engel? Eliot Engle should be investigated for being involved with pornographic material, said a close source. I told the guy to tell the FBI, but, what good what that do? Your tax dollars pay high salaries to all these politicians who have become rich through all the years being in public office. Taxpayers have made it affordable for themselves to live a lavish lifestyle getting richer and richer. The "Pay to Play" cash deals they make to live high on the hog, lining their pockets with cash. Meanwhile, Teamsters can't even pay their household bills or send their children to affordable American schools or colleges or get affordable healthcare. Why would I vote for these corrupt politicians and cheer them on? Ask yourself that personal question.

All these politicians think Working Class Americans are stupid. Think about what you just read. What is your life worth? What is your children's life worth? Everybody's Life Is Worth Something, isn't it? Don't cheer these politicians on they are robbing you of a life worth living. Did you ever say this to yourself, "this life isn't even worth living?" Then, listen to me don't vote Democrat, they are not the solution to anything if your life, your an American. Vote Donald J. Trump, if you want a life worth living.

Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton divide the nation into sections, they color code us, and have caused a lot of hatred and conflict between the American people. These Democrats are communist dictators they built our nation with corruption and conspiracy. There is no Justice under the Domocrat leadership. They care more about the rest of the world than America. It says in the Holy Bible, "A house divided against itself will not stand." The Democrats divided all of us Americans into sections and causes.

Donald Trump has brought us Americans closer and prouder than we have ever been before. This is our last chance to save America, Vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday Election Day.

Westchester County Board of Elections fixes every election, that's why these politicians in Westchester County play musical chairs and stay in office, year after year, but, that being said, Teamsters must get out and vote for Donald J. Trump on Election Day. Let's Make America Great Again.

Vote For Donald J. Trump For President!!!

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (But Who Will Watch the Watch Dogs?)

Roman poet Juvenal from his Satires (Satire VI, lines 347-8).

Diogenes of Sinope

Diogenes of Sinope was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynic philosophy, such as carrying a lamp in the daytime, for which, he was looking for an honest man.

Diogenes believed in self-control, the importance of personal excellence in one's behavior (in Greek, arete, usually translated as `virtue'), and the rejection of all which was considered unnecessary in life such as personal possessions and social status. He was so ardent in his beliefs that he lived them very publicly in the market place of Athens. He took up residence in a large wine cask (some sources claim it was an abandoned bathtub), owned nothing, and seems to have lived off the charity of others. He owned a cup which served also has a bowl for food but threw it away when he saw a boy drinking water from his hands and realized one did not even need a cup to sustain oneself.

According to Diogenes society was an artificial contrivance set up by human beings which did not accord well with truth or virtue and could not in any way make someone a good and decent human being; and so follows the famous story of Diogenes holding the light up to the faces of passers-by in the market place looking for an honest man or a true human being. Everyone, he claimed, was trapped in this make-believe world which they believed was reality and, because of this, people were living in a kind of dream state. He was not the first philosopher to make this claim; Heraclitus, Xenophanes, and, most famously, Socrates all pointed out the need for human beings to wake from their dream state to full awareness of themselves and the world. Diogenes of Sinope

God Bless America on Election Day!


We are Americans this is our home. God Bless America please God!!! "My home sweet home."

This song just brings tears to my eyes. How is anyone not humbled when they hear this song. God Bless America, Please God make TRUMP PENCE 2016 Win..." My home sweet home." Amen.

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Muslims Want Sharia Law in the United States of America

We Americans have to fight for our country, we have to feel the anger of Americans, our fathers died for our freedom and the Democrats are trying to take our freedom away and destroy our constitutional rights.

Donald Trumps Campaign TV Commerical


Well America what more can I say... either we take back our country OR we say goodbye to it forever. Too many Americans and children have died under this Democrat Administration, too many!!! They have corrupted every Government Office and News Media Network throughout the United States of America. Let's Make America Great Again. Please VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP ON ELECTION DAY 2016!!! It will be a day of reckoning.

Thank you.

Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News

This is about how "The Clintons" turned the White House into a Bi-Sexual House! A MUST READ!!!

All These Stories are public knowledge on the internet do your research.

It's all over the internet that Michelle Obama is a man, her real name is Michael LaVaughn Robinson. The Obama's two daughters are Adopted. Barack Obama has even lied to the Muslims, who hate gays and will kill them all. Barack Obama is a Muslim and he's a homosexual and Michelle's real name is Michael, she's a transgender. They have fooled every American and every Muslim around the world for the past 8-years.

Most of the public knows about "The Clintons" they are really "Satan's Servants" they turned the White House into Satan's Temple, a pervert house of cards. They have corrupted every government office throughout the United States. They ABSOLUTELY can not be trusted.HILLARY'S LESBIAN MISTRESS COMES FORWARD

Research says that the United States Government killed Joan Rivers a month after she said Barack Obama is a homosexual gay and his wife is a man transgender. Joan Rivers Murdered For Exposing Michelle Obama As Tranny!! 2014 WATCH THE VIDEO

Gennifer Flowers, Bill Clinton's former girlfriend opens up about how Bill Clinton really feels about Hillary Clinton. Bill said, Hillary ate more P-U-S-S-Y than me. Hillary is a Lesbian. WATCH THE VIDEO

Barack Obama refers to Michelle Obama as MICHAEL !!!! WATCH THE VIDEO

Michelle Obama is really a man, she he, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964... HERE IS A PICTURE OF MICHELLE OBAMA when she was a man. She's number #44. You can clearly see Michael is Michelle. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE #44

Michelle Obama's Most Revealing Dance Ever shows she has a penis on the Ellen Show WATCH THE VIDEO

THESE ARE HILLARY CLINTON VOTERS !!! WATCH: Madonna offers oral sex to Hillary Clinton supporters while opening up for Amy Schumer WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE WATCH THE VIDEO

Delfim Heusler

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He is well-known in the political arena and well-versed in Westchester County Politics.

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The New World Order is Here.

Christians must get right with God, and prepare for Jesus Christ's return. We need to pray and read The Holy Bible fasting in prayer! These are the last days! This video is the Truth! Barack Obama is the AntiChrist. The Catholic Pope is the AntiChrist! The American government and all their associates are the illuminati. This is extremely frightening, but, it's the truth. The endtimes are upon us this is prophecy and it's coming to pass.

The United States Government banned the Word of God, the mention of God or Jesus Christ, and they promote The Satanic Temple across America. The Satanic Temple said, the Satan Statue is In Detroit, but, it will go to the State Capital in Little Rock, Arkansa and stand next to the Ten Comandments.

These people worshiping Satan are demon possessed by the devil. The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo had the Empire State Building light up in colors that represented the unveiling of the Satan Statue. Watch The Footage for this Satan Statue. God is angry, very angry at America. He has turned His back! It says in the Word of God, A House Divided Cannot Stand. Matthew 12:22-28

22 Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and He healed him, so that the blind and[a] mute man both spoke and saw. 23 And all the multitudes were amazed and said, "Could this be the Son of David?"

24 Now when the Pharisees heard it they said, "This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub,[b] the ruler of the demons."

25 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand? 27 And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. 28 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you.

Watch This Chilling Video Below

United States Attorney Preet Bharara Take a Look

Westchester County District Attorney

Yonkers Bureau Chief, Paul Stein

Bombshell Story

Westchester County District Attorney, Yonkers Bureau Chief, Paul Stein should resign, he is not fit to be a district attorney, he is a member of the N.A.M.B.L.A.

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocate organization in the United States. It works to abolish, age-of-consent to have sex laws that criminalize adult sexual involvement with minors. As of 2005, a newspaper report stated that NAMBLA was based in New York and San Francisco.

This is about child pornography with chains and whips, and the Westchester County District Attorney Paul Stein is involved in pedophilia activites in New York State. Paul Stein's teeth are rotten from taken drugs, he is not fit to be a district attorney, said a close source. The City of Yonkers should be under seige by the FBI, but that can't happen if the FBI is involved in this illuminatti organization.

New York Corrupt Courts website exposes these Westchester County District Attorney's and Politicians Westchester District Attorney Coverup!!! Sources have said that Paul Stein, Phil Gille, and Ed Fagan have engaged in weekend long orgies at a house in the Hamptons organized by Phil Gille.

Phil Gille has a dungeon in the basement of his house complete with bondage chains and leather outfits.This is just the tip of the iceberg of this criminal act that continues to come from the Westchester County District Attorney's Office.

Phil Gille, sources said, it's been revealed it's a fact that Phil Gille is a member of N.A.M.B.L.A. known as, North American Man Boy Lovers Association. Ed Fagan, another Rob Astorino appointee, is also a member and a known pedophile. Ed Fagan is Phil Gille's partner in crime and was named along with Gille as "persons of interest" in the murder of a 12 year old boy from Yonkers that showed signs of severe sexual abuse when his corpse was discovered by investigators.

The District Attorney Paul Stein has become involved in recruiting boys with Autism, HE SHOULD BE STOPPED this is a red flag STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF VULNERABLE BOYS!!!!

Phil Gille, Ed Fagan, and Paul Stein are all members of the N.A.M.B.L.A.

If you see something, say something.

How about this...

If I say something, do something.

Westchester County Police vs. Yonkers Police

Same crime different results

Westchester County Police do a great job protecting the comunity they serve, however, Yonkers Police have delinquent habits when it comes to serving the Yonkers Community.

The Yonkers Police let a stalker roam the streets abusing a woman in Yonkers, and they do nothing to protect the woman who has received numerous death threats in the mail, there are witnesses and strong evidence, he tried to run her over with his car, he has thrown rocks and beer bottles onto her property. He was caught on surveillance camera abusing this woman. The Westchester News will show the public all the evidence on the internet, handwriting analysis, video, police reports, etc. This is a huge story that is unfolding day by day, and we want the public to see why people die on the streets in Yonkers, New York. There is no "Law & Order" on the streets of Yonkers. The Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner is very aware of this stalker case, and, his office blames the District Attorney's Office for not putting charges on Sebastian Zambrano.

The Yonkers police have talked to the stalker many times to stop, but, he continues acting up every month he drinks alcohol and gets violent, but, the Yonkers Police have not arrested him yet. The latest incident was October 3, 2016, another threat in the mail.

The woman called the Westchester District Attorney Paul Stein, and his message to the victim was call the Yonkers Police.

The Yonkers Police write out police reports and bring them to the Westchester County District Attorney in Yonkers to Paul Stein. Still no charges on the stalker.

The deranged stalker's name is Sebastian Zambrano, 40 St. James Terrace Yonkers NY 10704. He's a big heavy set man, 57-years-old, an immigrant from argentina.

The woman's "Civil Rights" have been violated and if nothing is done soon the City of Yonkers will have to answer the question, why not?

On the other hand the Westchester County Police do there job, and arrested a stalker Kyle Garvin and charged him correctly for the same crime, only Sebastian Zambrano did far worse, and he was not charged.

Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016, at 6:16 p.m., Kyle Garvin, 27, of Route 202, Somers, was arrested at his home by Westchester County Police and charged with Aggravated Harassment 2nd Degree and Stalking 3rd Degree, misdemeanors. He is accused of sending threatening text messages to a woman in Mount Kisco.

Why can Westchester County Police arrest Kyle Garvin, but, the Yonkers Police can't arrest an immigrant Sebastian Zambrano for the same crime?

Yonkers The City of Shame

The Yonkers Police Department blames the Westchester County District Attorney, Yonkers Bureau Chief, Paul Stein for all the corruption in the City of Yonkers that goes unresolved.

When disputes lead to deaths and killings on the streets in the City of Yonkers. Don't blame the police blame the District Attorney Paul Stein. We go to the District Attorney's Office, we write out the police report and bring the evidence and nothing is done because the District Attorney won't do anything.

Paul Stein is the reason they can't arrest any criminals. His office says, there is not enough Probable Cause to make an arrest. That's why people are getting killed on the streets because disputes escalate and there is no Law & Order, blame the district attorney.

The Yonkers Police bring all the evidence to the Yonkers District Attorney's Office, and, Paul Stein refuses to press charges. The Yonkers Police at the "Second Precinct" and the Commissioners Office said, that's why their hands are tied. The District Attorney is to blame.

Corruption is accepted as Normal, it's so widespread!

"Being corrupt, just, to get ahead in one's own career, it doesn't say much, except, no one has accomplished anything more, than, corruption."

--Barbara Ricci

The Wisdom of God

The Book of Proverbs

Cuomo's Closest Confidant Joe Percoco Indicted on Bribery Charges and than some... The New York Post

Todd Howe is cooperating with the FBI, it won't be long before Andrew Cuomo is indicted on Public Corruption Charges.

Cuomo Confidantes hit with Federal Corruption Charges

The shady past of Gov. Cuomo's crooked crony Todd Howe

The Westchester News

Donald Trump Endorsed

We Endorse Donald Trump and we did it "on day one" of this Presidential Election 2016! It's important that you don't listen to the mainstream media like NBC because they are against Trump. The polls that say Trump is down are completely bogus, Trump is the prize fighter to bet on. There are so many corrupt politicians in New York and beyond; like the Democratic New York State Governor Cuomo and the Attorney General Schneiderman, he says he's investigating Trump, but, he himself is under investigation for public corruption. They're all attacking Donald Trump because they know he is going to win this election, and he's going to win big!! The American people have been with Donald Trump from the beginning and we are going to the finish line with him. - God Speed

Our readers know that The Westchester News tells the truth, that is why we are on the top of Google search's organically!

The public are not stupid.

(2016) Texas vs Dr. Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business

This corrupt U.S. Government is doing this to us Americans for money.

This medical doctor, Dr. Burzynski knows the cure for cancer. I believe that he holds the wisdom in his hand to treat deadly cancer like a cold. Our government is trying to stop him because "Cancer" is "Big Business" in the United States of America. The FDA and pharmaceutical company's are partners and responsible for killing millions of Americans with cancer causing drugs. (2016) Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover-Up - Trailer  

Westchester County is extremely dysfunctional and we will never be normal again because.... Read it!

Wake Up America.


The Video below will prepare you how Islam will take-over America, which they are doing right now today September 14, 2016. Americans get ready for a civil war or prepare to die or become slaves to Islam. Muslims are preparing to take over America, as they did around the world in other countries.

Do Not be fooled by the peaceful nature of muslims in our country, this is how they start out, they are anything but peaceful. WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW, WHAT ISLAM IS NOT!!! "I can only inform you about the truth, you can either act on it or continue to live in denial, but, this is what is happening across America.

Donald Trump knows our government sold us out to Islam. LGBT they are going to kill all of you!!! Catholics your all dead. Jews you know the deal. Islam is prepared for war they have recruited all the convicts from prison and they are being trained in upstate New York in Islamberg

The second video is "Son Of Hamas" aka "Green Prince" speaks at Jerusalem Post 2016 Conference. The son of a Hamas leader states that Islam is not a religion of peace. The "Son Of Hamas" states that President Obama creates a dangerous environment every time he says Islam is peaceful. The "Green Prince" urges Muslims to reform their belief system and stop violence. Obama calls Islam the religion of peace and tolerance and he says this immediately after every attack.

The Third Video to watch is linked here ZAK EBRAHIM I am the son of a terrorist. Here's how I chose peace.

Brigitte Gabriel

AMERICANS LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THIS WOMAN "Brigitte Gabriel" She survived the hatred of Muslims!!! Muslims want to kill us. She is warning us!!! America Listen... She Warns AMERICA!!! Brigitte Gabriel - Because They Hate

Watch & Listen Brigitte Gabriel

Americans Do Not Vote For Hillary Clinton

"Are you just Dumb if you vote for Hillary Clinton, Gay's especially!"

Hillary Clinton is the "Black Widow" of America!!!

Do Not Ever Vote For Hillary Clinton!!!

Hillary Clinton will lose the election if this video goes viral!! She does not really support gay marriage, she did it for one reason, so her allies of Sharia Law "Islam" knows exactly where to find them and kill them when they attack America. Do Not Vote for Hillary Clinton!!!! Watch this video, it's 37:37 minutes! It's powerful. Watch this video through to the end.

The Truth is Powerful, wow. Hillary Clinton is Evil, she belongs in prison for the rest of her life. Bill Clinton is Perverted and Evil. Everything that comes out of Hillary Clinton's mouth is a lie. She is very dangerous.

The Clinton Foundation is a Pay To Play organization for funneling money from Islam into "The Clintons" pockets for the One World Order to help Islam to dominate the world with Sharia Law. The Clintons should be Indicted.

Trump Demands Investigation Into Clinton Foundation On Monday in a speech in Ohio, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump urged the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate if donors to the Clinton Foundation got special treatment from the State Department by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

IT'S VERY IMPORTANT: Sit your children and grandchildren down, and tell them straight-out "DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!"

What About Jeanine Pirro?

People have asked me, how do you feel about Donald Trump's relationship with Jeanine Pirro? I simply answer them and say the truth, Jeanine Pirro is extremely corrupt, but, through the years of being a political writer, I found out that they're all corrupt. I believe Donald Trump is a smart man, he's kind and compassionate to people in need. He's always ready to help a fellow American. He's also a smart businessman and he's an American who has struggled like so many of us Americans, of course on a higher scale of his wealth. He fell hard, yes, he fell very hard, but, here's the kicker, he got back up and he kept moving forward. I think that's what this country needs. We need a "President" that can get America back on it's feet and keep us moving forward. I think Donald Trump can do that, and I'm not going to change how I feel about Donald Trump because he has a relationship with the "Corrupt" Jeanine Pirro or he's friends with the Clintons or anything else in that matter. However, when my book "I'm Still Standing" hits the market. We'll let Jeanine Pirro deal with her past when she was the Westchester County District Attorney and what she did to me and how many innocent peoples lives she destroyed because she chose to be as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. As I said, "at that point if she wants to give me a public apology and admit what she did was wrong, then, I will be willing to listen." There are no excuses for prosecuting an innocent person without one piece of evidence against them. She did that to me and it changed the course of my life! By the Grace of God go I, The Westchester News, National Press. So be it!

The Westchester News Reports

Watch The Video

This video caught Tyson Foods

Thank you to all the good Police, God Bless You!


Bombshell Story Coming Soon

Continuously Updating Information...

EMPIRE REPORT was created by J.P. Miller. a hedgefunder who served as Mitt Romney's New York finance director for his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Bombshell Story Easy Read

The Wisdom of God

The Book of Proverbs

The public are not stupid.

"You can Read This Story Below with Pictures on LinkedIn"

Khizr Khan, a U.S. citizen of Pakistani

Mr. Khan, you believe in Sharia Law, right?

Donald Trump believes in America.

America Beware of Khizr Khan he is an Antichrist and his beliefs are with the Beliefs of ISIS. ISIS is his army fighting for "Sharia Law" and to takeover our government and implement Sharia Law into our Constitution. Don't be fooled by his soft spoken words, he has a plan with the State of Islam, Islam will dominate the world, we will takeover the world, said a close source. America and our freedoms mean nothing to Khizr Khan, remember that.

Here is what I want to say to Khizr Khan, did you know that millions of Americans, sons, husbands, brothers and uncles have died for generations in "World Wars" and none of their parents ever got the chance to talk to the news media or the president or presidential candidates, like you did. You believe in Sharia Law your a muslim and what about all the muslims that kill innocent Americans everyday because of the religion you believe in? Muslims have cut off the heads of innocent Americans, killed gays, killed christians, killed Jews, and kill anyone who does not believe in Sharia Law.

Your wife Mrs. Khan, probably didn't have permission to talk until you gave her permission, again "Sharia Law."

My uncle Charlie Petrone died in World War II at the age of 16-years old, he was blown up by a bomb. My grandmother and grandfather didn't have the political stage to tell the world to read the "Constitution" or that other people sacrificed nothing. Khizr Khan, what gives you the right? Your speech at the Democratic Convention 2016 was a political Stunt and Americans are tired of listening to the Democratic Rhetoric, it's steal and misleading to the American people as they listen to your rehearsed words. It's disrespectful to all of us Americans and all the "American Gold Star Mothers" who lost their children in "World Wars" for generations.

Khizr Khan, you have misplaced anger inside of you, you lost your son to the ugly war, therefore, you attacked Donald Trump because he spoke about the dangers of Muslims coming into America at a rapid rate. You disrespected an extremely loved American, on a political stage in front of the world, yes you did that, you disrespected a candidate for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The reason Donald Trump says the things he does is because he is telling the truth, and all of us "True Americans" stand with him, said a close source. Khizr Khan, you owe the American people an apology for attacking our choice for President, Donald J. Trump.

Khizr Khan you and your wife, should be angry at your own people, "Muslims" for killing so many innocent Americans around the world. You should be angry at your personal religion "Sharia Law" and your way of life, "Sharia Law" for the hatred that Sharia Law spews onto innocent Americans and the rest of the world.

I'm an American, and I don't trust you or your people, I think your evil monsters that have hatred in your hearts for Christians, Jews and Gays or anyone who does not believe in Sharia Law, you kill them, isn't that right?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at Columbia University, "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country," in response to a question about the recent execution of two gay men there. "In Iran we do not have this phenomenon," he continued. "I do not know who has told you we have it." 'We don't have any gays in Iran,' Iranian president tells Ivy League audience, we kill them. This is Sharia Law. This is what muslims believe in, hatred and bloodshed of innocent lives.

This is what Khizr Khan and his wife believe in, Sharia Law. Let me ask you Americans that clapped and cheered for Khizr Khan at the Democratic National Convention 2016. Americans are you aware of what this man and his wife believe in? Think about that important fact when you vote on Election Day 2016. Think before you vote.

The news media attacks Donald Trump for talking with Putin or not talking to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, but, that "Bad Press" is just a distraction about what is really going on here. The Democratic Party, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has already sold America out for $2 Billion, she collected this money from around the world, the State of Islam, Muslims and Terrorist gave her this money!

Donald Trump did not sell America out to Putin or anyone else, he sacrificed his own personal life to run for President for one reason to MAKE AMERICA SAFE & GREAT AGAIN for all of us Americans.

Khizr Khan, I think you should have the same rights as any other enemy if you believe in Sharia Law; a religion that is full of hatred and encourages killing innocent people around the world. What do you have to say about the muslims that cut off the heads of innocent Americans, James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, etc.? That's your religion and that is what you advocate, Sharia Law. The only excuse is death to innocent Americans for not believing in Sharia Law, am I correct?

Steven Sotloff an American journalist, Islam killed him like savages. Look on LinkedIn what these monsters did to Steven our fellow American. They must be stopped.

Khizr Khan, I don't accept you as an American because your not, your just a stunt for the Democratic Party, another muslim who wants to takeover our government and change our constitution to Sharia Law! I see right through your soft spoken words, your a wolf in sheep clothing, said a close source. The Democratic Party, all of them, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are a disgrace to the millions of American soldiers of World Wars, Veterans living on the streets of America, Americans family's who lost loved ones, innocent people who were butchered at the hateful hands of Muslims.

Homeless Veterans live on the streets across America. Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton just don't care.

Donald Trump truly cares about the Veterans, his concerns are real, the veterans are forgotten in America after the war they fought is over. Veterans are left begging bread on the streets. This is a disgrace to the leaders of our government and to every Governor, Mayor or Official in every state that does nothing about our homeless Americans. Our American veterans living on the streets. Illegal immigrants get as much help as they need to survive in America, but, Americans get absolutely nothing, absolutely no help. Americans be angry about this because it's the right way to feel.

Khizr Khan, I will not listen to your rhetoric anymore, "My wife is a Gold Star Mother." Ok and your point is what? Now, your also "Muslim" taking the political stage on behalf of Islam, Sharia Law and the Democratic Party.

On behalf of my family, my grandmother Santa Petrone, she's a Gold Star Mother, I want the political stage too. "Muslims can not be trusted, it's their nature to kill innocent people around the world!" Khizr Khan is a muslim, he is a member of Islam, he's a very dangerous man. Khizr Khan does not acknowledge what muslims have done here in America and around the world. He gives no apologies to us Americans for all the lives lost at the hands of his people, Islam, he gives no apologies, no explanation, and cares nothing about the pain and suffering of the American who lost their children at the hands of Islam, Muslims and Sharia Law.

My advice to every American believe none of what Khizr Khan says, he believes in Sharia Law, that means he believes in killing innocent people, especially innocent Americans. Khizr Khan and his wife believe in Sharia Law before he believes in America's Constitutional Rights. He stands with Islam, not America, said a close source.

Donald Trump rejected criticism from the Muslim father of a soldier killed in Iraq who said the Republican presidential nominee had "sacrificed nothing and no one". Trump told ABC "I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard." Khizr Khan, a U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin and a Muslim, won widespread praise when he spoke Thursday at the Democratic National Convention, telling the story of his son. Khizr Khan is trying to get Americans sympathies, he's preying on the emotions of the American people. Americans don't let your guard down, he has no feelings for any of us, he's an advocate for Sharia Law, said a close source.

I'm a Republican and I stand with Donald Trump, I don't care what Khizr Khan says, it doesn't matter, I still have that image in my heart when Americans are getting their heads cut off by Islamic Muslim Terrorist because they believe in Sharia Law. That's the Law that Khizr Khan and his wife believe in, said a close source.

Democrats Are Promoting Muslims & Immigrants

Of course, Muslims love America, of course, Muslims will die for America because they want to take it over with Sharia Law. Of course, Muslims are here to takeover America, of course, they want to takeover the world.

Of course, Hillary Clinton took $2 Billion dollars from Islam, 112 country's around the world. Of course, Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi, she lied about classified emails on her personal server on her computer. The worse thing about Hillary Clinton is she has done nothing for the American people in all the years she has been in the White House. Of course, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have failed the American people for the last 8-years. They protect Muslims and put them on the political stage. These Democrats have disregard for all the Americans that have been murdered and continue to be butchered by muslims in America and around the world. Barack Obama is a muslim and Hillary Clinton is an Atheist but she takes billionsof dollars from Islam and her "Chief of Staff" is Muslim. The entire white house is embedded with Muslims, since Barack Obama got elected as President, 8-years ago.

The Democratic Party is reknown for fixing every election, look, what the democrats did to Bernie Sanders. We all know he was in on the fix, he was just the opening act for the Democratic Party. We all know the truth that Bernie Sanders definitely got more votes than Hillary Clinton! That's why he stepped down and asked for all his votes to go to Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party is corrupt and so is the Republican Party. The fix is in. The American people are not stupid. I am writing this article on the day of the Democratic Convention, July 28, 2016. Let's see how this election turns out in November 2016. All True Americans will vote for Donald J. Trump. All Muslims, Immigrants, simple-minded, will vote for the has been Hillary Clinton, said a close source.

Here's a thought, how come Hillary Clinton all the years she's been in public office, she can raise $2 Billion dollars for The Clinton Foundation from all the Muslims around the World, but, "Why" can't she and her side kick Barack Obama lower the gas prices for Americans? The Democrats claim that the Muslims are their Allies, than, "Why" can't Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama get lower gas prices for the American people? Action Speaks Louder Than Words! Democrats made so many promises, their gonna do this and there gonna do that, but they just don't deliver, they don't do anything for Americans.

Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State, traveled the Globe collecting money from Islam. Of course, she believes in Public Service, $2 Billion dollars worth she took-in through The Clinton Foundation from traveling around the world. She talks about reform, but, she's done nothing for Americans. $2 Billion for her and her family, but nothing for Americans.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo got up at the democratic convention and spoke, nobody clapped for him because Democrats do not like him. Cuomo said, the poor kids go to school with medal detectives the rich kids go to the best schools, it's not right. Well, of course he would know the difference between rich and poor, he's rich, and his children are privileged too! Of course, his children go to the best schools. His father Mario Cuomo was a New York Governor, he has always been rich, privileged and spoiled rotten. He thinks people believe in his repetition rhetoric, but they don't.

Andrew Cuomo's first apartment was a mansion in Queens, New York. His grandparents owned a business a successful deli in Queens, NY. What does he know about being poor? He was never poor, he didn't come from humble means. The truth is he has lived off the backs of the working class taxpayers for his entire life. He lives off the poor working class - vulnerable taxpayers, every word out of his mouth is a lie. He's under investigation by the United States Attorney Preet Bharara, for Public Corruption.

Democrats do not like Andrew Cuomo and they did not vote for him. The Democratic Party fixed the election in New York! They did the same for Hillary Clinton when she ran for Senator of New York. That's why the Clinton's moved to New York! The fix was in.

Andrew Cuomo knows how to make money off the poor and immigrants. Did you know that, every idea he created in public office, completely failed, his HUD program collapsed in 2008 - The movie "The Big Short" was about the HUD program affordable housing! HUD was supposed to help everyone buy a dream home, but it crashed the Real Estate Market in 2008. It became Americas recurring "Nightmare." Cuomo did that, and then, when the people couldn't afford to pay the ballooned fraudulent mortgages, banks were bailed out, homeowners were not and then, this Governor of New York took the houses away from homeowners and put them in the street. That's what he did to Americans. He is a disgrace to the Governors Office. He tries to live off his fathers legacy, Mario Cuomo, which is not so squeaky clean either with his mob connections and the corruption that existed in New York State when he was governor. Andrew Cuomo is a snob and he has an ego that lacks any compassion for anyone except himself, said a close source.

The Democratic Party tells the same story over and over again, we're all immigrants, awe, but, they forget to mention the word, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Our fathers and grandfathers went to war for America, we are truly, truly Americans. IIlegal immigrants and Muslims are not true Americans they are anchored here. They want what our fathers and grandfathers died for; our fathers legacy's was for their family's, children and grandchildren to live prosperous lives, but, that is not what happened with our fathers legacy's. They are the Forgotten Soldiars!!!

America has been flooded with illegal immigrants with anchor babies living on Social Services, food stamps etc. but, Americans are refused at the door of Social Services when they are unemployed and facing eviction or forclosure because of Andrew Cuomo's leadership.

Democrats skip over the truth and the facts! The truth is that Democrats promote Illegal immigrants and muslims on the political stage and encourage them to cross our borders, illegally. Democrats encourage an America without borders. That is insane.

Democrats never talk about the Muslims that cut off the heads of innocent Americans, and kill gays, christians and Jews and anyone that does not believe in Sharia Law, they kill them. That's because Barack Obama is an active muslim. He says, Muslims are only practicing their religion, Sharia Law. Americans say, Sharia Law promotes terrorist and mentors hatred in the hearts of Muslims.

Hillary talks about it takes a village to raise a child, that means what? It means, it takes Social Services, Food Stamps and Child Protective Services to raise a child. It's disgraceful. The family structure of this country has a huge crack in it and it's crumbling. If Hillary Clinton wins this election America will fall and break in a million pieces. That's what it takes to raise an anchor baby in America from illegal Immigrants.

Legal and illegal-immigrants that are living in America today are taught to hate Americans, none of them speak English around Americans, even if they know English they prefer to talk another language so they don't have to communicate with Americans. They snare at Americans and they treat other immigrants with respect. They want to takeover our laws and our country. Just come to New York, mingle in the supermartkets and stores in general, even walking down the street, watch how Americans are treated by immigrants.

Please come to New York! New York has become a 3rd World Country. Don't live in denial, think about the truth, think before you vote in the next election because America will crumble before your eyes if you vote for Hillary Clinton. You surely will be begging bread on the streets of America.

If Hillary Clinton wins, Muslims will takeover America and Sharia Law will replace our Constitutional Rights! Americans you will bow down to Allah or Islam will kill you.

Christians listen to this carefully, Jesus Christ said, "Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in Heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in Heaven." (Matthew. 10:32-33) If you deny Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior when a gun is at your head don't think Islam won't kill you, they will still kill you. You know what it says in the Holy Bible.

Here is my advice to every American, "Do not vote for Hillary Clinton, she is an Antichrist!"

Americans listen to me, VOTE for Donald J. Trump he has told you the truth. Yes, we all know he's not perfect, but, he's for America and the American people, he's our voice, put America first, vote Trump. Hillary Clinton puts Muslims & Illegal Immigrants first! Don't listen to the mainstream news media they do not tell you the whole truth, said a close source.

Of course, the truth is our American fathers died for this country, they fought in "World Wars" for the Greatest Country in the World, America. Don't flush their legacy down the toilet! Preserve America!

Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic Party took Americans homes away with Foreclosures and put them on the streets in New York and across this country, and let their houses deteriorate to unrepairable condition. They are Zombie Houses, they also auctioned their homes and sold them for pennies on the dollar to Muslims. That's what is going on in New York, thousands of HUD homes are empty across the country, thanks to Andrew Cuomo, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Americans and Veterans are sleeping on the streets homeless. That's what the Democratic Party is about, failure. They have been in the White House for too many years and take a look at America today, it's in deplorable condition, our infrastructure is falling apart, our roads are collapsing, our bridges are closed. The Democrats have put us in deep debt and they didn't fix our infrastructure in the last 8-years Barack Obama & Joe Biden have been in Office.

Democrats talked about Donald Trump that he filed Bankruptcy six times and so did many of us Americans that know our constitutional rights, it's our Constitutional Right to file Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, is every 8-years, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, is every 4-years. You can rebuild your credit score in 6 months after Bankruptcy.

Did you know that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, punishes middle class struggling Americans, union workers who had to live on unemployment and had to take their annuity retirement funds early to survive on. I can't even begin to tell you the ruthless things "Andrew Cuomo" has done to the working class, but, soon enough all of you will know. He will be indicted with Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos because Andrew Cuomo is The Last of the Three Amigos!!! No worries, "he's going to jail too," said a close source.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden put this country in serious deep debt in the last 8-years, but, Democrats don't talk about this serious issue in America.

Today's Federal Debt is about $19,453,432,043,000, Democrats, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, let our Federal Debt get out of control, they did this.

The Democrats do not talk about helping Americans they talk about helping Illegal Immigrants!

ICE Officers lose their lives everyday at the borders from criminal gangs crossing over our borders. Americans want the wall built! ICE Officers want the Wall Built! Democrats want the illegals to stay in America. What about, what, the Americans want?

The American people want new leadership, and they are voting for Donald J. Trump on Election Day!

Bombshell Story Coming Soon

Westchester Top News

Teamsters Union Status

Continuously Updating Information...

The FBI says, when you see something say something.

The City of Yonkers is Paralyzed with Corruption

An American Knows What Hillary Clinton is, "A Criminal."

Democrats are extremely troubled because they have "suffered and struggled" through these past 8-years like the rest of us Americans. American Democrats see the change in this country and how bad things have gotten here in America in the past 8-years. It's like the "Black Widow" has been in the White House for the past 8-years. The new Democratic Party is anti-American it's made of Immigrants not Americans. American Democrats are disgusted with the Democratic Party, and have decided to vote for the New Republican Party that's all American and for Americans by putting "America First." Americans are not happy and they are voting for Donald J. Trump on Election Day!!! This is a time of change and it's needed more now than ever before in the "History" of this country, the reality is America has become a 3rd world country,"Let's Make America Great Again." Those words ring so true in every Americans heart and soul, there is only one choice on Election Day, DONALD J. TRUMP, strong, determined and truthful.

American Democrats BOO Sarah Silverman, Al Franken and Hillary Clinton - All of them are booed by Bernie Supporters!


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Governor Andrew Cuomo are involved in the biggest Foreclosure Scam in the history of New York State

These officials are allowing their buddy Tom Rosicki, a former FBI agent, a mogul, who makes his money by taking poor Americans and Immigrants homes away from them with "Fraudulent Mortgages". Tom Rosicki is the mastermind. He's so fraudulent that sources said, Rosicki may not have a law degree, that's another lie too! Rosicki hires attorneys from around the country to do his dirty work. He doesn't work alone doing this it's a collaborated action with the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Former Westchester County Executive Andy Spano, New York State Department of Financial Services, Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni and his Electric Filing system of Fraudulent Mortgages, Legal Services of The Hudson Valley, Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman, Hon. Orazio R. Bellantoni, Hon. Sam D. Walker, all of them are involved in this Mortgage Scam at Westchester County Courthouse, 111 Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, White Plains, NY 10601. Thomas Rosicki, is also the former Commissioner of Taxi's in NYC, he has his hand in everything, he's a con-artist mastermind.

Westchester Supreme and County Court

Presiding: Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman, JSC Administrative Judge, Ninth Judicial District

The Foreclosure Part, Albert Degatano, Court Attorney Referee, Erin Guven, Court Attorney Referee, Maureen Haberstroh, Part Clerk and Referee, Renee McAllister, Part Clerk and Referee in Courtroom:1803.

They call it mediation, but, it's really a lions den full of deception and false direction for homeowners. The court administration all work together nicely to take your home. They're like thieves in the night and no matter what the circumstance is they don't care. They work visciously against you because they know you can't afford an attorney.

They go as far as rewarding your house to Ditech Financial LLC F/K/A Green Tree Servicing LLC, etc. They will use a "Fraudulent Mortgage" to take your home, once they find out you can't afford an attorney.

When you try to fight them in court, by the way, you never have a day in court, the argument between you and them is done by efile - Filing Electronically.

The Judge "Strikes" all your evidence from the Case and he takes your house. This is an Obstruction of Justice, and these Judges and Lawyers should all be disbarred, like, Craig Hecht the Long Island Attorney who created these "Fraudulent Mortgages." Read This Story on Linkedin: Westchester County Judicial System

Tom Rosicki is peddling "Fraudulent Mortgages" it's the biggest foreclosure scam in the courts across this country. He is the Bernie Madoff of Fraudulent Mortages and Foreclosures. What a way to make a living.

Rosicki hires attorney's from around the country. William Knox, is one of those attorney's, but, heres the kicker, the Director of Legal Services of The Hudson Valley, her name is Cynthia Knox, isn't that convenient? Legal Services of The Hudson Valley is suppose to help the homeowners, Instead, they threaten homeowners abusively and help Tom Rosicki take their home using a Fraudulent Mortgage. Tom Rosicki is using mortgages from the Country Wide Mortgage Scam in 2008, he belongs behind bars with the CEO of Country Wide.

Here is CASE FACTS raw evidence that will get them all indicted and disbarred for mortgage fraud and public corruption. Westchester County Courthouse (Case: 71166/2014) DITECH FINANCIAL LLC F/K/A GREEN TREE SERVICING LLC vs. BARBARA RICCI et al. SEARCH AS GUEST: (Case: 71166/2014) Search As A Guest, Once you get in, Search the Case #71166/2014

Read about what they did to me. All these Judges are involved in this "witch hunt" and they did the same to many other homeowners. Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman, Hon. Orazio R. Bellantoni, Hon. Sam D. Walker, all of them.

The FBI United States Attorney of the Southern District "Preet Bharara" has been notified, this should be investigated and all these Judges, Lawyers and Administrators, GOVERNOR, ATTORNEY GENERAL, and these Legal Service Organizations funded by the government should be shut down, and all involved should be held accountable for their actions. The Attorney General Eric Schneiderman looked the other way because he is involved in the MORTGAGE SCAM. Governor Cuomo & Attorney General Schneiderman Searching For Foreclosures!!! They are all making millions under the table COLD HARD CASH!!!

Take a look at the Former Westchester County Executive Andy Spano, who by the way, is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Aid, WATCH THE VIDEO, it has to do with this story. This Foreclosure Scam using Fraudulent Mortgages is premeditated. Watch "THE INTERVIEW" with Barbara Ricci and Andy Spano.


The rich elderly in this area has been at risk and abused for years in New York State Courts!

The court has embezzled millions from taking advantgage of the seniors, the rich, by appointing attorneys to their estates and eliminating their children and families from having any say or being their Guardians. The New York State Judges have been involved in this scam for years with Guardian Attorneys, this is the oldest scam "Guardianship." Meanwhile, the courts are sucking the estates dry with court fees and attorney fees and millions upon millions is taking from the these families Estates and the families end up getting nothing. It's disgraceful.

Why do we call Judges Honorable? There is nothing honorable about them. Why is "In God We Trust" written behind Judges Benches, they don't believe in God. People who know God would not do the corrupt acts that they do. Why do they swear on the "Holy Bible" when they don't believe in God or abide by the rules of the Holy Bible?

House committee subpoenas Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for Extortion, over Exxon probe

A congressional committee has taken the apparently unprecedented step of sending subpoenas to attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts over a multi-state probe of Exxon Mobil.

Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee, announced that formal subpoenas would be going out at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the U.S. Capitol. This after a roughly two-month effort to force New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and others to voluntarily give up a number of records related to the Exxon investigation, which looks at whether the company lied to investors and the public in the past about what they knew about climate change.

Smith said “the attorneys general have appointed themselves to decide what is valid and what is invalid in terms of climate change” and the investigation is a “blatant effort to deny free speech.”

“The actions by the attorney general amount to a form of extortion,” he said.

Appointed People To Job Positions

People who are appointed to positions tend to start out as good people, but, it's when they get appointed to higher positions that is when the pressures and demands "force" them to make the wrong decisions. Political corruption is based on doing "political favors" for corrupt people like Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc. These people are nothing more than failures. Their entire career is nothing but lie after lie. Their legacy will be shameful, like Sheldon Silver and Bernard Madoff. Actually, the public knows that all of you "politicians" are "career criminals" and this latest "Hillary Clinton Stunt" is absolutely disgraceful. The FBI Director James Comey is at the core of this public corruption. It's a complete coverup. These American politicians take blood money from Islam for their own personal use.

The FBI Director James Comey is down playing what Hillary Clinton did, it's a political stunt.

FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that he would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton. Oh of course that's right, Barack Obama appointed James Comey to be the Director of the FBI and Loretta Lynch to be the United States Attorney. Political Corruption is out of control in Washington D.C. and it's connected to New York State. The United States Attorney for the Southern District, Preet Bharara, is absolutely right, Police and Politicians have their own personal government, and we the people are not included in the process. Donald Trump said, "The System Is Rigged" and he is right. The American public says Hillary Clinton should be charged, but, political corruption has no conscience. Instead of James Comey and Loretta Lynch upholding the law, they coverup all the filthy corruption inside and outside Washington D.C.

Hillary Clinton Is A Trader To America

Close Sources are talking and they said, Hillary Clinton definitely belongs behind bars, yes, no matter how rich or popular she seems to be she is a trader. The "Clinton's" have used their power together and used Hillary's position with their CLINTON FOUNDATION and took $2 BILLION from ISIS. Islam didn't give them that money for nothing, just look around America, look around your neighborhoods, look, observe, do you notice all the muslims living around you? There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of muslims buying up all the real estate in Westchester County, New York. Muslims are opening up gas stations, supermarkets chains, drug stores chains, they are buying America and they have the money to succeed. The Clintons and the new Reformed Democratic Party has done this right under our noses.

Islam has built an "Islamic "MILITARY" Compound" in upstate New York. ISLAMBERG are training black muslims and black prisoners and they're doing it right under our noses. Islam is training their Army ISIS right here in UPSTATE New York, said a close source. ISIS is giving money to recruits and helping them find places to live upstate and paying them generously. They are recruiting people who otherwise would be homeless and have no opportunity for a better way of life. This is what Hillary Clinton did to the American people. She sold us out with her fellow democrats, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, just to name a few. Bill De Blasio described himself as "spiritual, but unaffiliated to any religion." He's an Athiest of the worst kind.

Hillary Clinton promised Islam that she would change "Americas Laws" to "Sharia Law" when she gets elected, she herself is a muslim, her chief of staff, Huma Abedin, is a muslim, they are all members of the Islamic State, said a close source. They took the money, now, it's time to deliver to ISIS what they sold them for $2 Billion dollars.

We are at war with ISLAM right here in America, get ready New Yorkers because you are in for the fight of your lives, it's coming, and every American better practice their shot at a shooting range. Buy Automatic weapons because that's what ISIS uses, it kills 100 people in seconds. It sounds extremely harsh because it is, and it's completely too much for an average person to obsorb, but, it's gonna happen most likely before the end of the year 2016. Islam will take over New York, said a close source.

Keep close watch when you go shopping in stores or in crowded places, blackouts, credit card machines at checkout counters not working is enough to cause a panic inside a supermarket. They're testing our reactions and watching how we handle an invasion of our normal daily lives. Do we fight back or do we panic? When you see middle eastern men walking up and down the aisles with cell phones, standing outside stores with cell phones, they're targeting stores and crowded places. Islam are being trained as butchers, they are building Inspectors, Bridge Inspectors, State Workers, they are everywhere.

ISIS has a hit list hundreds of pages long. Sean Hannity the talk show host on FOX is one of hundreds of Americans on the ISIS hit list.

When someone's name is Muhammad, you should know that the name "Muhammad" is known by muslims as the "holy prophet" of Islam. Did you know that store managers, security guards, etc. - many of them are named Muhammad. Muhammad Ali, the boxer was a member of the Islamic State, scary right? There is a lot more about him than meets the eye, said a close source.

Get prepared the day is coming when Islam will attack America. You can thank the Clintons, Barack Obama, and the new "Immigration Reform" inside the Democratic Party, you can thank them for destroying America and our freedom. Be safe everyone and pray that God Blesses us "Americans" and we win this war against ISIS.

Donald Trump Stayed Strong! - Thank God.

"Donald Trump is an American, he's real, he's one of us."

Delete is something people do after they read a comment! Freedom Belongs to Americans, "delete" is just a mere inconvenience. Our Voices! Our Speeches! Our Freedom! Our America! Let's Make America Great Again. Vote For Donald Trump 2016.

The Westchester News

We are Americans.


Our Voices Will Be Heard Throughout America!

The Westchester News Endorses a true American, "Donald Trump" For President of The United States of America because it's our business to tell you the truth about everything and this is why we support him, he tells you the truth. Let's get prepared to help him win America back.VOTE TRUMP 2016

I can clearly say, TRUMP 2016 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Who are the Americans?
Who are the Immigrant American anchor babies?
Who are the legal Immigrants?
Who are the illegal Immigrants?
Who are the people who threaten our American Freedom?

Illegal Immigrants get treated better at our shorelines than our homeless veterans living on the streets across America, from Florida, California to New York!

Immigrants have hugely declined their respect for the American people, some Americans have even been threatened by immigrants taking over American communities.

Immigrants, should not be able to bully Americans like they've been doing!

Democrats don't realize the ruins of America - Americans do!!! We Americans must get out and vote in huge numbers on Election Day! If we lose, Sharia Law will take over our once great country, and then, Islam will win.

I know "Gay" Americans are democrats, and so is Islam Americans, Immigrant Catholics, White and Black Christians, Jewish too, but, think before you vote, because Islam will dominate the world! There are no gays in Islam countries, they kill Jews and Christians too!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are members of Islam and the One World Order - Islam will dominate the world! They both took Billions of Dollars from Islam, but, so did the Bush's.

Think about what I am saying to you before it's too late!

Listen to what Donald Trump is saying to you! LISTEN.

Black and White Christians, if a gun were to your head, WOULD YOU BOW DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND WORSHIP ALLAH? Gay's don't have a prayer with Islam, they just kill them. Now that gay marriage is legal, Islam knows exactly where to find you.

Are you an American or are you a member of the Islamic State? Democrats pick your choice on Election Day 2016?

Americans aren't racist, we welcome everyone, every religion, every culture into our country. Americans don't want to Dominate the World, Islam are the ones who want to Dominate the world! They cut Americans heads off, they took down the towers on 9/11, and now they want to take over our Judicial System, policing, security and laws.

I just think Democrats should know what they are voting for on Election Day!

Hindu people are wonderful people, they bring a peaceful loving culture to America. We have many loving cultures who came to our shores, but, none of them are like the Muslims, Islam wants to takeover our country, they are a serious threat to our homeland security, and they slowly, moved into our communities. They are rapidly building Mosques and taking over communities and getting involved in politics and becoming politicians, Judges, Lawyers and District Attorney's. A Brooklyn Judge swore in as a Judge on the Sharia Law.

Muslims are allowed to lie for the benefit of Islam, Muslims are great liars and they pretend to love everyone, but they do it for one reason, to win your trust.

Democrats don't understand the laws that were created to protect the American people. They want new laws that will disregard, Americans!

America is heading for a civil war, you're absolutely right readers, there will be a civil war in this country. The prepers are not so crazy afterall.

Look at the last 8-years, how many Muslims and illegal immigrants have flooded America. Isis is Islam, Islam are Muslims, and they are here to take over America with Sharia Law!

Vote against Sharia Law - Vote Trump 2016!

If you don't want to take my word for it, then, do your own research.

May Almighty God help us all!!!

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks

Executive Producer Barbara Ricci

Jeffrey Deskovic is a wonderful person, but, these days he puts his trust into a man with devious hands. I remember when he called me before he was awarded millions in damages. Jeffrey asked me if I could help him and be the Executive Producer to film his talk show Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks.He told me everyone else he asked to help him wanted over $2,000 to do the project. I agreed to help him and be the Executive Producer of Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks. Jeffrey Deskovic went on and became very successful. Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice I was there for him and I'm proud of that! Read the Article - The Westchester News

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Americans are sleeping on the streets of New York.

American Homeowners In Foreclosure Read This

Retired Cop Kills His Children And Himself

Fire Fighter Crosses The Line

Presidential Election 2016

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Democrats Don't Know This...

Hush Hush! This is an Election Year 2016

Story Update...

Immigrants Call Americans Criminals

Homeland Security has been compromised.

The Westchester News is investigating a story about an Immigrant woman Maria Zambrano who fled her country Argentina leaving her two young children behind, her "first" husband was murdered, she claims he was a spy. She fled to Italy and came to New York through Italian Customs on a Work Visa, she married her cousin an immigrant from Naples Italy Antonio Di Benedetto who was living in Queens New York and had two more children with him. Eventually she brought her two older children to America from Argentina.

Maria Zambrano aka. Maria DiBenedetto has another cousin who works for the Immigration Research Department in Washington D.C. "Sara Sonet" Research Librarian at Supreme Court of the US Maria's Work Visa ran out for many years, she said, she doesn't care her cousin "Sara" works for immigration. When you have people in our immigration department looking the other way for illegal Immigrants who fled their original country Argentina to Italy and came through Italian customs to America and married her cousin in New York. That should raise an eyebrow or two in the Immigration Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE should be all over this one.

Maria worked for a diplomat in NYC, cleaning her house the woman and her husband paid her cash. Maria says she owns property all over the world! She fled Argentina, never to return, said a close source. She owns property in Italy, Florida, 10 houses in Greenwood Lake, NY and two more houses and a 4 family in Yonkers, New York. She buys, sells, and rents to tenants for cash money to avoid paying capital gain taxes to the government. These Immigrants use alias names and they hire lawyers to coverup their mess.

This immigrant woman Maria abuses anyone who gets in her way, she screams "Americans are Criminals" in front of her grandchildren, she's a control freak, she controls people with cash, she controls her adult children and even her brother lives with her in his late 50's, she runs her home like a dysfunctional dictator, she abuses American property owners around her, she must have had an emotional breakdown at some point in her life because she has no control.

Maria Di Benedetto screams in the streets saying, Americans are criminals, whores, etc.. This woman is high strung and has a lot of "misplaced anger" inside. Child Protective has been to her home many times.

The Di Benedetto's Yonkers neighbors watched one night peeking through their windows, as this immigrant Maria and her husband Antonio, bludgeoned a Raccoon to death using what appeared to be two baseball bats; they did it just because the Raccoon was eating their grapes off their grapevine - on the patio, it was heartbreaking to listen to the screams of the animal until it was dead, it was frightening to say the least, said a close source. This Immigrant woman Maria Zambrano is violent, and she has slipped through the cracks of immigration.

These Immigrants do not live like normal Americans, they live with a lot of unsettled secrets in their past - this story must start back in Argentina when she fled her country; when her first husband was murdered for being a spy, and how she fled to Italy leaving her young children behind and then to America, where she married her cousin. The United States Government should investigate this immigrant woman "Maria Zambrano Di Benedetto" she bought all these properties with cash deals, her Work Visa ran out, and she is abusive to Americans, said a close source. This story is just unfolding, and our investigation has just begun.

The Di Benedetto's, are like an occult, especially Maria, her son Marco and her oversized brother Sebastian Zambrano, 57, he keeps guard over the house when nobody is home, he acts like he's mentally off, opening and slamming car doors over and over again, starting his gray Jeep and shutting it off, over and over again, making his car alarm go off, over and over again, during early morning and late night hours. They terrorize their neighbors and tenants who live in there house. They claim the Yonkers street is their property, they charge tenants to park and tell neighbors they own the street next to their house. The oversized brother, blocks neighbors cars so they can't get out of a parking space. They manipulate, terrorize and threaten neighbors and then threaten to call the police on neighbors when they're the ones harassing these neighbors. The brother Sebastian, tried to run two neighbors off the road, a police report was made it's been documented. He falls asleep in his gray Jeep when he comes home at night. The argument is escalating between the neighbors and "The Di Benedetto's" on St. James Terrace, these people are out of control, said a close source.

The husband Tony, is supposed to be retired from the laborers union collecting a hefty pension and getting his social security too, but, he still goes to work everyday full-time for the same employer in Long Island.

"There are many immigrants that use alias names by changing a letter or two in their names and one number in their Social Security number to cheat the government, a close source said."

The brother of Marie, Sebastian Zambrano, is in the Laborers Union Local 66, it's extremely noticeable how much scrap medal he collects on a daily basis and brings to the scrap metal yard on weekends, said a close source.

Then, there is a man Giovanni Santelli, he's another immigrant who visits "The Di Benedetto's" almost everyday, he's friends with Tony and Marie, but visits often during the day when Tony is working. Giovanni Santelli, is the same man that was escorted out of Empire City Casino for patting the waitresses on their butts, ironically a neighbor near 40 St. James Terrace caught him on there surveillance patting Tony and Marie's 5-year-old granddaughter on the butt with Marie sitting right there day dreaming. That was inappropriate to touch a 5-year-old child like that to say the least, said a close source. Patting a child on the head is appropriate not on the butt, the butt is a no no.

The Di Benedetto's multi-family house at 40 St. James Terrace in Yonkers is under investigation for many property violations. The City of Yonkers found an illegal apartment that they were renting out for years, the latest tenant an Asian girl and her boyfriend had to move out immediately. The Di Benedetto's do not follow the rules, they continued to let the apartment stay occupied with two male immigrants but with all the fighting and the police always at the house the two men left quickly on their own. They lasted only a couple of months and they were gone.

The City of Yonkers does not take property violations lightly. It's apparent these people don't follow the laws, following the rules is "NOT" one of the Di Benedetto's strongholds. They built extensions on the Yonkers Multi-family without any permits or approval from the city. MAIL BOX

Updating Continues...

SENATE REPORT: THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY PLACED IMMIGRANT KIDS WITH TRAFFICKERS The Senate found that DHS had failed to make home visits or run standard background checks on the caregivers. The Report Says

"Donald Trump is an American, he's real, he's one of us."

Americans Love Donald Trump, he is our voice, all the corrupt politicians are getting together attacking Donald Trump because they can't stop him. Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, The Bush's, the Catholic Church, Islamic State, Democrat Organizations that separate themselves into many "Political Extremist' with radical views that promote dysfunctional groups, etc.

These politicians and public figures that are going "Against Trump" it's because they're all part of the "Extremists" that are connected to the Illuminati. The "One World Order" is a mastermind of 3rd World Communist and their beliefs! They're trying to make America a 3rd World Country full of Organized Crime, as in doing the unthinkable like legalizing the illegal laws, like legalizing illegal drugs, legalizing illegal immigrants, legalizing abortions to actually kill your own children, etc.. I am not for illegal-Immigration nor anything illegal, this type of diversity is criminal. I'm an American, I'm for American traditions and our traditional values.

Muslims - Sharia Law is about legalizing killings, to kill Jews, Homosexuals, Christians, etc. If your not Islamic you die! That's the Muslims message and mentality! The United Nations 3rd World "Mentality" comes from "Masterminds" that are brainwashing our children to believe in Diversity, even if it means giving up their own freedom.

Democrat Politicians don't care about Americans opinion or how bad this country has gotten, all these modern day Democrat politicians talk about are promises they make to Illegal Immigrants. Meanwhile, Americans are jobless, homeless and sleeping on the streets. Democrat voters better wake up and realize how serious this illegal subject is to the American people. The American people want these illegals out of America.

When I was growing up Democrats were working class people and Republicans were upperclass rich people, but, that's not the case anymore, Democrats are made up of many radical, dysfunctional, and illegal causes, too many different causes, as in, the illegal immigration cause, etc.. The Republicans are now made up of working Americans, unemployed Americans, educated businessminded people, rich and poor Americans, and Veterans and their Children. Real Americans are dedicated to Making America Great Again. Democrats have absolutely no interest in Making America Great Again, they feel very comfortable and very much at home living in a 3rd world country.

Are you a Democrat? OR Are you an American? It's an important choice to really think about making especially before you vote for the next President! It's very important that every "True American" makes sure their registered to vote on Election Day.

The next election is our last chance to Make America Great Again - VOTE TRUMP! "Donald Trump is an American, he's real, he's one of us."

Former County Executive Andy Spano

The Former County Executive works for Gov. Andrew Cuomo

"Listen to what he says about American Homes."

Watch This Video


If you live in Westchester County, New York, you live amongst the most corrupt court system in the United States.

I could only say to you that "Reality is When it Happens to You" until then, I'm sure you probably couldn't careless about "what I am writing about" this moment.

Westchester County and New York City Judicial system does not follow the laws, law does not exist in New York State. Did you know that years ago, documentation and the truth was the mandate of law in the courtroom, it was about finding the truth. The judges today don't care about the truth because the judicial system is lawless. The laws that were created to protect people who couldn't afford to pay for an attorney could represent themselves as "Pro Se" in court. Pro Se civilians, have been discriminated by the courts and labeled "Dead On Arrival" from Westchester County Supreme Court, New York Supreme Court and all the way to the New York State Court of Appeals. It goes even further to the New York Bar Association, etc. The courts have become a political playground for corruption. There is no Justice because New York State is lawless.

Westchester County Supreme Court Judge Orazio Bellantoni is like Judas, for a few morsels he sold his soul to the devil, he awarded my home to Rosicki and Rosicki, a political monster, a former FBI agent and former Commissioner of Taxi's in NYC, who now owns a law firm in Long Island, and he pushes fraudulent bad mortgages in the courts "Representing the Banks." Everybody is making money from the 2008 real estate crash, except the homeowners. Judge Bellantoni and Tom Rosicki have been working together taking Westchester County residents homes for years. They practice lawlessness together in Judge Bellantoni's courtroom. This is conspiracy that is going on inside the courtroom. They are disregarding the law and taking peoples homes. We had no chance, they completely stole our home from us, Tom Rosicki does a lot of celebrating with his firm Rosicki and Rosicki.

Greetree Servicing LLC. was awarded my house on March 2, 2016. The documentation we presented to the court proved that the mortgage was a fraud scam the attorney that prepared this mortgage Craig Hecht, he's suppose to be in jail, he pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and title fraud, but who really knows if this Real Estate Attorney "Con Man" even went to jail?

Yet, Judge Orazio Bellantoni awarded my home to Greetree Servicing LLC with a Fraudulent Mortgage created by Craig Hecht. We never knew Craig Hecht! We never met him or had a closing with Craig Hecht. The signatures are fraud! Yet, Judge Bellantoni used his power to take our home without us having at least one day in court, he just awarded a Summary Judgement to Rosicki and Rosicki and gave them my home using a fraudulent mortgage.How's that for justice?

We have 30 days to appeal his decision. We called an attorney that the Westchester County Bar Association referred us to Joseph Marra, he wanted $20,000 to Appeal the judges decision - Twenty Thousand for Foreclosure? Go To LINKEDIN

Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of money, however, we will do all we can to appeal this decision by this evil Westchester County Judge. We never had a day in court. Read the evidence we presented to the court SIGN INTO E COURTS

Go to the sign in page - then put in the Index number: 071166/2014 County: Westchester Create Output: HTML CLICK FIND CASE

Then, CLICK INDEX NUMBER 071166/2014 TO READ THE CASE DOCUMENTS. You be the Judge about this conspiracy and corruption in the courtroom. Think about how corrupt the Westchester County Court System is - Judge Orazio R. Bellantoni, made an extremely wrong decision to take our home. He had no cause for his actions we gave him every piece of evidence to dismiss this Foreclosure. He chose to strike all the evidence and support Tom Rosicki. He also mocked my father for being a veteran. Judge Bellantoni is a real disgrace! This Story Continues... Read More

A senseless man knows not, nor does a fool understand this. Though the wicked flourish like grass and all evildoers thrive, They are destined for eternal destruction; while you O Lord, are the Most High forever.

They that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.
-Barbara Ricci

One Solitary Life

He was born in an obscure village; The child of a peasant woman; He grew up in another obscure village; Where he worked in a carpenter shop Until he was thirty when public opinion turned against him; He never wrote a book, He never held an office; He never went to college; He never visited a big city; He never traveled more than two hundred miles; From the place where he was born; He did none of the things Usually associated with greatness; He had no credentials but himself; He was only thirty three; His friends ran away; One of them denied him; He was turned over to his enemies And went through the mockery of a trial; He was nailed to a cross between two thieves; While dying, his executioners gambled for his clothing; The only property he had on earth; When he was dead; He was laid in a borrowed grave Through the pity of a friend; Nineteen centuries have come and gone And today Jesus is the central figure of the human race; And the leader of mankind's progress; All the armies that have ever marched; All the navies that have ever sailed; All the parliaments that have ever sat; All the kings that ever reigned put together; Have not affected the life of mankind on earth As powerfully as that one solitary life, Jesus Christ. Compare no man to him. Bow your head, and say Amen.

Pope Frances his real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he is a sinner and he is a liar who misleads the people around the world he is evil, he tries to compare himself to God. Denounce him, Rebuke him and Despise him.

Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask for gifts of discernment, understanding, direction and assurance.

"In God We Trust"

The Word of God - Psalm 91

"Only with my eyes shall I look and see the reward of the wicked."

God is not mocked or pushed by any man for any reason. In His presence we fall to our knees, bow our heads in silence as we close our eyes and bang on the door of our hearts and cry out, Lord Jesus Christ please Lord save us. We are Christians, We are Servants - We are not God!

Sometimes the truth of "Almighty God" is not as popular as a political ploy or false promises of Democrat politicians like President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo - God's Mercy on the souls of man is an individual choice.

When you stand before God, you stand there alone - each and everyone of us will stand before God and we will be accountable for our own actions. Almighty God is a, no excuse being! He is Jesus Christ, He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life on this earth and forever. Amen. Do you say Amen to that?

Democrats have no Christian Morals or Values, let's read, "What Does the Bible Say About Christian Values and Christian Life?" CHRISTIAN VALUES AND MORALS

The Holy Bible says, Worship Only God - One day, a religious leader asked Jesus which of the commandments was most important: "The most important one," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' (NIV, Mark 12:28-30) Democrats do not obey God's Word because they "believe in" the Democrat Platform "No Morals or Values" they stand politically correct with Democrat Leaders like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo and they turn their backs on the Word of God!

Unfortunately, there are too many wicked people walking the earth who's lives are spent gnashing their teeth breeding lies of contempt for personal and material gain: "Love the Lord your God" is the most important of the commandments, Jesus continued, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." (NIV, Mark 12:31). However, if there are wicked people living around you pray to God about them, and ask God to deal with the wicked accordingly.

God will keep His promise to those who Love Him and Serve Him - Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good for those that love God, for those who are called by God according to His purpose. Psalm 91: Only with your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wicked. Amen.

Democrats can not call themselves Christians because they donot have Christian Values or Morals - Democrats need to "Repent" for their sins against the Word of God!

Is there anyone who works in New York State Government Office's, who does not speak with a heavy immigrant accent? Americans need jobs too! MAIL BOX


914 237-8631


This is The Price For Selling Your Soul To The Devil

Judge Jeanine Pirro's Soul

What's it really worth?


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Let's talk about our homeless veterans... MAIL BOX

New York State Justices Robes are Stained and Tainted.

We're not talking about the Court System here in Yonkers, absolutely not, Yonkers has one of the best court systems in New York State. And, 80% of the Yonkers Police are good cops, men and women.

What we are talking about here is Westchester County State Court system and Supreme Court Judges, Robert M. Dibella, Judge Nelson S. Roman, and, New York State Court of Appeals in New York City for the Second Circuit.

The Pro Se Office on the 9th Floor in Westchester County Courthouse, 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 9th Floor White Plains, NY 10601, Court Help Center, Director J. Marshall Mangold, Esq. For Example: Mr. Mangold, did not help us when we as" pro se" reached out to him, and he mislead us straight down the road to failure.

These so called "professionals" that are running our court system operations everyday are like evil "communists" who invaded our constitutional rights, and now their dictating a law that does not exist outside of the so called court buildings that they now occupy, it's as evil as Hitler's administration, they created a dictatorship, and they all work together to adamantly lie to the public.

I said to a judge, what about the truth? And, the Judge said, the truth, Judges don't care about the truth, and, no Judge wants to rule on a case. I guess, this is what they learn in law school, this is how they justify being above the law. Attorney's, law firms, politicians, judges and court clerk's are all in bed together, they're all on the same page, they're all on the same side, and it's the wrong side. "The people that you think are in place to help you and guide you, they don't exist, the people you think, you can trust are there to mislead you."

If you've been through the court system, than, you know what I am saying is the truth. It's a double edged sword full of deception and lies, it's a manipulated system. Conspiracy and Corruption Hide Behind The Robes of Justice. Corruption Hides Behind The Laws of Congress that somehow turned our "Constitutional Rights and Laws" into loopholes of evil and wavering minds that whisper into each others ears "DENIED" the right to Justice. All your Civil Lawsuits, Criminal Appeals and pro se Appeals, all are stamped DOA.

It's "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" to deny people a "A Right To Sue" a corporation or union in court because it's 30-days TIME-BARRED.

The law states... With respect to civil lawsuits, A statute of limitations is unconstitutional if it immediately curtails an existing remedy or provides so little time that it deprives an individual of a reasonable opportunity to start a lawsuit. It is criminal for the Appeals Court Justices to deny someone "A Right To Sue" for being 30-days TIME-BARRED. We learned that we have to present it as "Tolled" for this reason and that reason. It's a learning process, but, we're learning day by day, and as we learn, you'll learn because we will share the experience with you.

IBT Teamsters 456 Story Updated

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters should consider this very old saying, "Your only as strong as your weakest link."

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The FBI says, Indictments come in three forms of Union Corruption.

(Blackballing) (Non-Union Jobs) (Ties To Organized Crime)

Teamsters Independent Review Board

Judge Orders: Teamsters IBT Must Close The Doors

The Westchester News broke the story about Sheldon Silver on Saturday, May 21, 2011 Read The Story Here

The FBI started investigating Sheldon Silver in June of 2011.

William Rapfogel has been indicted and convicted

All these corrupt New York Politicians are going to find themselves indicted and behind bars. Attorney John Murtagh said, most politicians are indicted on public corruption charges before they "Get Voted Out" of office.


Livestream New York City Protest

James FromTheInternet 

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Hello Everyone! We're all professionals on ("LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc."). There is nothing better than experience when you need to get a job done. I propose, if any of you are looking for someone who knows the internet, blast emails, blog, build websites, research, expert on apple ("mac") computer and pc, I do that too. I'm also a master barber, firms and attorney's need to look well groomed. I'm well trained in filming and editing video, on camera coaching, organized and business minded, all in one. Freelance - $25.00 an hour minimum of 5 hours at that price. Please Call: 914 237-8631 ("Leave a message for Barbara Ricci"). MAILBOX

"For people who don't know me, I'm the publisher of The Westchester News, and I think it's important that you know that our readers are from all walks of life, therefore, I'm not a racist, I'm a realist! I love black people, I love gay people, I love everyone. Honestly, I know, how much everyone praises me for having the courage to publish The Westchester News since 2006. All of you who personally know me, know I'm real.

As for me, I believe, an American hero is Rosa Parks, she is someone to be remembered in the hearts of every American. She took her seat on the bus and changed the course of history. Therefore, I took a seat in society to expose political corruption. I can relate to Rosa Parks life and why she did what she did. She paid the price for being a righteous woman and yet her story inspired all of us. I know, my story will have the same impact on society, my story will be as inspiring as Rosa Parks story. I know my life's journey, I'm Still Standing ("The Barbara Ricci Story") will touch the hearts of many people.

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The Word of God

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein

The Genius

Albert Einstein is man of great wisdom. Unfortunately his final words before his death were in German and the only person within earshot, was his nurse, spoke only English and did not understand anything he said. Though we'll never know his parting words, here is a list of his most memorable quotes linked above.

Remembering Our Veterans


"Our veterans deserve better than this America."

"Veterans Day is about remembering, our freedom, was paid for, thank a Veteran!" Parade's are nice, ticket parades are better, but don't thank a veteran with a stupid parade, try a handshake and a conversation. Our Freedom is quickly fading away, don't let it go!

David Vs. Goliath

Bible Story Summary

By Mary Fairchild

Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 17

The Philistine army had gathered for war against Israel. The two armies faced each other, camped for battle on opposite sides of a steep valley. A Philistine giant measuring over nine feet tall and wearing full armor came out each day for forty days, mocking and challenging the Israelites to fight. His name was Goliath. Saul, the King of Israel, and the whole army were terrified of Goliath.

One day David, the youngest son of Jesse, was sent to the battle lines by his father to bring back news of his brothers. David was probably just a young teenager at the time. While there, David heard Goliath shouting his daily defiance and he saw the great fear stirred within the men of Israel. David responded, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of God?"

So David volunteered to fight Goliath. It took some persuasion, but King Saul finally agreed to let David fight against the giant. Dressed in his simple tunic, carrying his shepherd's staff, slingshot and a pouch full of stones, David approached Goliath. The giant cursed at him, hurling threats and insults.

David said to the Philistine, "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied ... today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air ... and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel ... it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord's, and he will give all of you into our hands."

As Goliath moved in for the kill, David reached into his bag and slung one of his stones at Goliath's head. Finding a hole in the armor, the stone sank into the giant's forehead and he fell face down on the ground. David then took Goliath's sword, killed him and then cut off his head. When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran. So the Israelites pursued, chasing and killing them and plundering their camp.

Points of Interest from the David and Goliath Story:

• Why did they wait forty days to begin the battle? Probably for several reasons. Everyone was afraid of Goliath. He seemed invincible. Not even King Saul, the tallest man in Israel, had stepped out to fight. Also, the sides of the valley were very steep. Whoever made the first move would have a strong disadvantage and probably suffer great loss. Both sides were waiting for the other to attack first.

• David chose not to wear the King's armor because it felt cumbersome and unfamiliar. David was comfortable with his simple slingshot, a weapon he was skilled at using. God will use the unique skills he's already placed in your hands, so don't worry about "wearing the King's armor." Just be yourself and use the familiar gifts and talents God has given you. He will work miracles through you.

• David's faith in God caused him to look at the giant from a different perspective. Goliath was merely a mortal man defying an all-powerful God. David looked at the battle from God's point of view. If we look at giant problems and impossible situations from God's perspective, we realize that God will fight for us and with us. When we put things in proper perspective, we see more clearly and we can fight more effectively.

• When the giant criticized, insulted and threatened, David didn't stop or even waver. Everyone else cowered in fear, but David ran to the battle. He knew that action needed to be taken. David did the right thing in spite of discouraging insults and fearful threats. Only God's opinion mattered to David.

Questions for Reflection:

Are you facing a giant problem or impossible situation? Stop for a minute and refocus. Can you see the situation more clearly from God's vantage point?

Do you need to take courageous action in the face of insults and fearful circumstances? Do you trust that God will fight for you and with you? Remember, God's opinion is the only one that matters.

When your searching for the true meaning of life!

You will find it in your endurance, in the struggles of life, it's something we all know, and sooner or later it becomes an important part of life, the part we learn to embrace. It's a true saying, you have one life, enjoy it! I know some of us don't have good lives, but, it's important that we learn to dance because when we learn to dance we learn to live! I count my blessings everyday, I am alive, I get to smile at all my fond memories because these are the moments that matter the most, when your searching for the true meaning of life.

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"The NAACP lives and thrives off racist blacks and simple minded people, who are uneducated and live in the Ghetto." Working class black's are tired of being treated like second class citizens by the NAACP Leadership who by the way are wealthy blacks who live with all white people and send their children to all white schools. Wake up black people the NAACP are keeping you suppressed.

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Don't Drink and Drive

This is just to remind you, don't drink and drive because the cops are prepared to get you and besides that, drunk driving can ruin your life or possibly someone else's, please drink responsibly.

Pass The Word

Empire City Casino Has Options for you after you gamble your life savings in there establishment:

("The casino management will have you arrested, if you admit you have a gambling problem at Gamblers Anonymous, I thought you should know that because this is what happened to people who were regulars at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York").

Responsible Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous: 1-213-386-8789
New York State Office Of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services: 1-877-8HopeNY
National Council on Problem Gambling: 1-800-522-4700

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487 South Broadway
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(914) 423-4433 ext. 38

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You can not change the facts, these are the facts!

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The Westchester News is growing rapidly, story, video, article, news documentary; our team is working hard bringing us to the next level. We are livestreaming tv videos, news, shows and live events.

I think the hardest thing I have ever done in my life has been to create this news media, I have worked for the last 6 years, 365 days, year after year, day after day, and each and every year has been a struggle to invest my money in this news media, while, struggling financially to maintain my confidence and my dignity, knowing that, I have spent the last 22 years of my life fighting against political corruption and the politicians and powers behind it, and it has been rough standing in the shadows as a "Mom & Pop" online news media, and while standing in the shadows of News 12 Westchester, and the Journal News corporations, and other news networks throughout the Metro Area, they have millions of dollars in funding behind them, studios and offices, and let's not forget they have some corrupt political ties dictating to them behind the scenes, political ties that "The Westchester News" has exposed on this website since 2006.

The Westchester News, we built this huge empire together, we did it, we're the "Nobody's" of this world who now have a voice. Indeed, our competitors are financially huge, but, we are huge too, huge in spirit, huge in followers, huge in friendships, but, my friends it has not been an easy life for me during which I achieved these great accomplishments. It's extremely hard for me to ask you about this, but, I truly hope you appreciated the time I spent creating The Westchester News, and investigating stories that touched your lives, and, if you are financially secure please send me a thank you in as little as a dollar bill, honestly, I don't care how much you send me because it's the thought that really counts, and to all of you who have sent me letters in the past, I do appriciate your letters thanking me for writing stories that touch your hearts and hit close to home. We love hearing how much The Westchester News means to you. The Westchester News cost me the last 22 years of my life preparing myself to become this person who cares about knowing the truth, and I dedicated 22 years of my life exposing corruption and telling you the truth about the political corruption that destroys innocent lives, please tell me, how much this news media means to you? I really want to know how much I am appreciated for what I do.

I'm The Wife Of A Teamster Local 456 Speaks Out

 "I have trained myself to live by only two rules, I prepare for the worst, and I hope for the best, and I live by these rules everyday."

Before you send me your sad story, you should read mine, "I'm Still Standing" The Barbara Ricci Story. Sometimes I can't believe this is the life God chose for me, and it has been very hard for me to finish my book, the last chapter has been extremely difficult to write because I am still waiting for that happy ending to happen, and, I wish I had that happy ending in my life right now to share with you, but, as is, all I have on the last page of my book, is what the title says, "I'm Still Standing". BOOK COVER LINK

"I have lost so much, all I want to do is win my life back." by Barbara Ricci

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Barbara Ricci is the Publisher of The Westchester News.Com, located in Westchester County, New York.  She established the Westchester Online News,  and after the first year in operation she received the Venture Capital Award for being in the top 10% of 100,000 companies online and became an honorable member of the National Press Club in Washington DC.  Barbara's profile has been in Who's Who's in America for many years.  She has received awards throughout her career as an entertainer, New York Comedian, beauty consultant and businesswoman.  Barbara retired her title of Mrs. Westchester County, New York, USA in the late 90's.  She also has received the titles, Mrs. Civic Minded, Mrs. Perseverance, and Mrs. Congeniality Of New York State. Barbara Ricci has competed with some of the most influential women throughout New York. National Press Club 2011
She is also a cancer survivor for the last 24 years and she will publish her book when she gets the time, maybe this year 2013 "I'm Still Standing." The Barbara Ricci Story!

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"The Most Controversial News Media on the Internet."

Barbara Ricci is the Publisher of The Westchester News.Com, located in Westchester County, New York.  She established the Westchester Online News,  and after the first year in operation she received the Venture Capital Award for being in the top 10% of 100,000 companies online and became an honorable member of the National Press Club in Washington DC. Barbara's profile has been in Who's Who's in America for many years.

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