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Barbara Ricci was one of Jeanine Pirro’s Innocent Victims, who was falsely accused and abused by the corrupt Westchester County Judicial System, nobody knows better than Barbara Ricci, when it comes to knowing  who’s who in Westchester County.  She has exposed the most corrupt politicians in Westchester County, New York for the last two decades.  She has won numerous awards and became an honorable member of The National Press Club in Washington DC, she is the Publisher of the Westchester Online News.   

Jeanine Pirro will one day confess how evil she is for what she did to all the innocent citizens of Westchester County.

She corrupted our judicial system and  destroyed all the trust that the citizens had for the police because she corrupted the minds of our police departments and abused the citizens every time someone was falsely arrested when she abused her power as Westchester County District Attorney.   She did anything to win a case so she could be on National TV talking about high profile cases she prosecuted.  

Unfortunately for her,  the means that she used in the process to become a Commentator on Fox Network it cost her to sell her soul to the devil. 

I am happy that I can say that Jeanine Ferris Pirro, is not an Italian, she is an Arab.  It’s important to me that my Italian people know she just used her ex husband’s “Italian” name “Pirro” to fool all the Italians to vote for her in the past political elections, but, that won’t ever happen again, her political career is over.  


The conspiracy that me and my family had to survive in these past two decades is finally coming to an end, and the evil spell is finally broken and the political powers and black crows all have broken wings, they’re all finished.   I believe Revenge Belongs to God!

Jeanine Ferris Pirro aka. Judge Jeanine Pirro,  made me more prouder than ever to be an Italian, and my Italian heritage gave me the strength I needed to survive at the hands of a corrupt Arab, and this experience made me become a strong Italian woman, and I never let this dirty, lying, heartless, Arab, get me down.

I know there are many Arab people who are true humanitarians, Jeanine Ferris Pirro is not one of them.

I am Barbara Ricci, the Publisher Of The Westchester News.Com

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