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The New York Times writer Raymond Hernandez has defamed my name for the last 15 years and without any remorse he continues defaming me today.  The reason being is because he is dictated to by corrupt politicians, especially, the corrupt Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Nick Spano and all the corrupt politicians in Westchester County control the press, and back when Jeanine Pirro was the worst corrupt “Westchester County District Attorney” she spent her time putting false charges on me and so many other innocent citizens from Westchester, her tactic was hearsay, she had no evidence, not one piece against me I was a victim of her corrupt practices.  This writer Raymond Hernandez has no documentation to back up his story about me, it’s all dictation and it proves that he has a deep connection, involvement and relationship with corrupt politicians who are under investigation, like Jeanine Pirro.  We will expose this New York Times writer on the front page of The Westchester News, our story will be about “Corrupt News Media” and its coming in the New Year 2011.   It’s long overdue!

New York Times Article by Raymond Hernandez

We are doing our research on Raymond Hernandez, and Lohud writer Joseph Spector and all the other political news writers who have deep connections with corrupt politicians and have been covering up the political corruption in Westchester County.  They’re are a couple of bad seeds in the news media, brown nosing their way by taking dictation instead of doing research and investigating a news story.  We call these brown nose news reporters secretaries because they take dictation from corrupt politicians, they’re all dictation, and with no documentation to back up what they write… 2011 Raymond Hernandez will be exposed as is, on The Westchester news.  News reporters who take dictation, are not writers, writer’s do research and they investigate.

Raymond Hernandez takes dictation from the most corrupt politicians in New York, politicians who milk the system, rob the taxpayers and fix elections, but, his pen is running out of ink fast and its drying up quick, said a close source. 

We have only just begun our research on exposing this New York Times Writer Hernandez, and also Lohud and News 12 Westchester commentaries, who continuously write stories without obtaining documentation to back up what they write.  The dictation they printed about me came from the corrupt District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, trying to defame my good name in the media when she knew I was innocent, and they never gave me a chance to tell my story, and even today they’re still covering up the political corruption in Westchester County, New York.  They hide behind usernames on the news blogs.  We think its time that the world wide web gets to know the character of Raymond Hernandez.  The New York Times writer, Lohud and News 12 Westchester commentaries have made the news media lose all credibility and are better known as the “Corrupt News Media” because they hired writers like Raymond Hernandez and Mike Edelman, Joseph Spector, Len Maniace, Phil Reisman, just to name a few.  If you ever saw these guys at a press conference you’d know how brown their noses are when they’re interviewing a corrupt politician.  It’s a disgrace!



What a sorry excuse for a human being this writer is, he thinks the New York Times readers are mentally challenged and won't catch on to his rhetoric story telling.

The New York Times Hires Street thugs with Pens

Politics on the Hudson Lohud bloggers are made up of News 12 Westchester commentators, Lohud news reporters and corrupt Politicians.  They hide behind their usernames, which we at The Westchester News call them abuser-names.

The Consultant


Did you ever wonder who is behind the usernames on Lohud blogs or Topix blogs on the internet?  Well, its no other than your local tv news commentaries from News 12 Westchester, and the heads of the political parties and elected Westchester leaders.  They use fabricated hearsay remarks to abuse readers who make comments against their crony friends “Corrupt Politicians” who are continuously in the news headlines.  They abuse bloggers by making remarks with no documentation to back them up while their trying to discredit good people of good character.  Read More

Lawyers should know that conspiracy is against the law, and Mike Edelman should know better, shame on him, said a close source.

Bloggers pay attention to this story it’s sizzling hot



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