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ABOUT THE MAYOR: Westchester County Executives-New York

Watch The Video Above
The camera lens does not lie, Phil Amicone does.
I took these pictures on Primary Election Day 
Tuesday, September 18th 2007
This is a disgrace.
Cardboard is covering broken windows
Gray duck tape covers broken windows 
Children sit on these chairs
The mold is all over these chairs
Children put their fingers in their mouths
This is a serious health issue
Lead Paint chips are all over the stairways
Giant holes in the ceilings and doorways
for rodents to come through. 

Where is the $20 million from the Empire Casino for Yonkers Schools?
Taxpayers are paying for two bodyguards for Amicone

The Wizard Of OZ

Amicone spent 132 million on THE WATERFRONT, to build a dock & dine for the rich to enjoy, his land of OZ, The Yonkers Waterfront, but it’s only for the rich out of towner, it’s not for Yonkers residents, and it’s a damn disgrace.
The Party is Over for this guy, he soul his soul to the devil.
ABOUT THE MAYOR: Westchester County Executives-New York

Phil Amicone is the front runner, the Engineer, he's interested in one-thing, his investment, the waterfront deals, woo, take a closer look at the waterfront, right around every corner, and those corners around the Waterfront, right there, that’s enough to get these guys indicted, it's all in black ink, on white paper, but, they think they won't get caught, but they will.  This is a serious matter, Yonkers homeowners have a right to know exactly where their tax dollars are going,  this is about the City Of Yonkers Business Deals!  There is a lot more to Yonkers than the Waterfront, and that’s exactly what the Waterfront is, a front.
Yonkers is a huge neglected place on the map, and Phil Amicone destroyed any chances we had to change Yonkers for the better, thats because he’s corrupt as Jeanine Pirro, who he endorsed, and don’t forget that, they should all be indicted for conspiracy to commit an Obstruction Of Justice.  The homeowners are suffering the brunt of Phil Amicone’s selfish actions.  Phil Amicone thinks he is a smooth talker,  but he’s not because this saying is powerfully true, 
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
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